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Air And Dreams by T.A. Chase

Shades of Dreams by T.A. Chase

Being the story of how a man overcomes the loss of his lover, Shades of Dreams could have been a lot more angst than how actually is. I think T.A. Chase wanted to prove how much Stephan loved Jeremy, but also how deep the feeling between Stephan and Rocky was, even before Jeremy’s death.

The setting is show business, one that is familiar to the fans of T.A. Chase since it’s not the first time the author chose it; but on the contrary of previous story, this one is more intimate, and the main characters have little chance if nothing to be faced with public opinion, so that their love is not something that is adding drama to the one they are already living.

Rocky and Stephan were best friends in high school and like that remained even after they founded their rock group; Rocky was and still is the rock his name let imagine, but it’s not alone, his family, his father and sister, helped him in building a safe haven where Stephan, foster kid, could finally have some peace. Maybe since he didn’t want to deny to Stephan that haven if their story didn’t work, maybe since, even if he is a rock, Rocky is always a man, and as such he has his own insecurities, he has never once confessed his love to Stephan, and Stephan, when it was time to find a partner met and fell in love for Jeremy.

As the good friend, and practically family members, that Rocky is, he included Jeremy in his love circle and continued to love Stephan from afar. Not that almost everyone around them didn’t see that love, almost everyone except Stephan. And when Stephan needs that love, Rocky is ready to give it to him.

As I said, aside from the drama of Jeremy’s death, the story is mostly romantic and hot; I didn’t add sweet since actually it’s pretty hot, the sex scene are good and often, and there is an easiness between Rocky and Stephan that is possible only due to their long-term friendship. They have no issue to let the other know what they crave and need, and of course there is no issue to give it to each other.


Amazon Kindle: Shades Of Dreams
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (December 5, 2010)

Be the Air for You by T.A. Chase

This is a novella about dependency and the safe shelter love can give to you. At the beginning of the story, it’s Rod who apparently needs Hawk, and it’s a need way bigger than simply material things. Rod is a famous rock star with plenty of possibilities to get laid, and instead we find him alone in his hotel room, and the only thing that can soothe his ache is the voice of Hawk, his childhood best friend, a Native American doctor who is living in a reservation and helping his people, like he helped Rod. It was Hawk who was with Rod while he was trying to rehab, it was Hawk who never forgot who Rob really was, who never changed around him. It’s clear that, even if they are not lovers, Hawk is in all aspect other than sex, Rob’s partner, and that, when Rob will be ready to come home, Hawk will be there, waiting for him.

And until Hawk’s needs are material, like having a new machine for his clinic, Rob can help him from afar, and Hawk has never asked Rob to come home and stay; they have never moved their relationship to the next level since both of them know that, if they do that, they would never been able to stay far from each other for long. But this time, when Rob comes home for one of his brief visits, Hawk is demanding, for the first time in their relationship, he is pushing to get physical. Rob can’t resist temptation, but he is also aware that something is wrong with his friend.

I like the novella, and fortunately it’s less dramatic than expected. True, Rob and Hawk will have some issue, but nothing that love can’t help them overcome. In a way, Hawk’s problem is another prove that Hawk wants Rob despite him being a famous rock star, Hawk sees in Rob the little boy who was his friend, someone who knows him as good as himself. And Rob knows that Hawk will be always near him, since he was the only one to force him to face reality. Right for this reason, since Rob knows that he can be wrong, and being nobody, and no one, in a bit, even if now it’s Hawk who needs him, their relationship is still on the same level. Doesn’t matter that Hawk is not famous, doesn’t matter that he is simply a country doctor who probably would not be able to maintain himself, let alone a family, without Rob’s money, Hawk is still Rob’s pair, same as he was when they were two little kids.

Hawk and Rob’s relationship is a mix of love and friendship, and even if they had other partners in the past, I think that they were always a couple, they were only waiting the right time to become lovers other than friends.


Amazon Kindle: Be The Air For You
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (May 27, 2010)

Amazon: Air And Dreams (print book)
Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (January 14, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1611249813
ISBN-13: 978-1611249811

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