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Cinnamon Sticks: The Last Noel by Kris Klein

Strange coincidence wanted this is the second Christmas tale I’m reading in August, and even stranger coincidence is that it’s from an author I was not expecting to be so sweet and romance like.

Ryan is middle thirty and alone, even more bad when it’s around Christmas time; Ryan has also another reason to not like this period, he had his heart broken when he was 16 right under Christmas by a sweet boy named Noel. Now almost 20 years later, he meets another Noel, again at Christmas, and again he is a sweet and innocent boy. Is the past repeating itself?

We are in full Christmas swing with this novella, with all the right seasonal romance rules: everything seems too good to be true, Noel is pretty and sweet, good-hearted; his family is supporting and approving of Noel’s relationship with Ryan, so approving that even if they met only days before, Ryan is invited to spend Christmas over at Noel’s parent’s home. And on an on in full Christmas swing as I said. It’s nice, and good, to be able to dream like that, especially in a period when lonely heart needs some warmth. But also when it’s not Christmas, sometime you need to simply switch off from reality and immerse yourself in that type of atmosphere.


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Tags: author: kris klein, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: seasonal romance

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