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Event: Pink Dot Utah

pinkdot Utah spokesperson Ken Kimball said: "One of pinkdot's primary aims is to engender an appreciation of Utah's diversity – regardless of race, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, we are all Utahns. We have come a long way in encouraging inclusivity and acceptance of all segments of society. We hope that more continue to join us in helping to fulfill this aim."

pinkdot Utah is an opportunity for friends and family of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people to demonstrate their love and support. This milestone campaign is being organized by a group of committed volunteers working on behalf of the Support Love Courage Council. pinkdot Utah aims to launch the movement's credo, Support-Love-Courage by encouraging Utahns to speak up for their LGBT family members, co-workers, neighbors and friends. This is a peaceful campaign that culminates with an event on National Coming Out Day—October 11. The campaign and event are targeted to attract both straight and gay Utahans and visitors, many who may come to support their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Read more: http://pinkdotut.org/about-pink-dot-utah
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