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Bear With Me by Jade Buchanan

It’s not the first time that Jade Buchanan gave me good time, I remember with pleasure her Sci-fi series with cute and hot half feline, half human characters, but this time she also surprised me with the light comedy mood of her novella; the only complaint I have is that the novella was too short, the good news? It’s first in a new series.

Chris and Robin are shapeshifter pizzly bears; what is a pizzly bear? A mix between a polar and a grizzly bear, and already from the nickname she picked you have the feeling the story will be funny. Other than shapeshifter, Chris and Robin are also mates, and this is not a novelty in a M/M romance, but what is nice is that they are more like kindergarten friends than lovers. Well, actually, we don’t have the chance to glance to their past, but when they meet Theodore, Theo, Teddy Kisoun, a 100% shapeshifter polar bear, both of them are like a kid in a candy story, saucer eyes wide open in awe starring to their favourite candy, a big, long and delicious candy.

Theo wants to play the role of the aloof and detached man, one that is not shaken by anything, let aside two kids at play. But my idea is that, in the end, the two kids obtained what they were searching, both another play buddy but also a mainstay for their relationship; being together for so long, and since they were so young, Chris and Robin didn’t really have any chance to experiment the big bad outside world, and maybe they don’t want to risk. Theo is at the same time adventure and stability, someone they can trust, but not boring at all.

Very nice novella, I will for sure read the following stories in the series.


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Tags: author: jade buchanan, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: menage, theme: shapeshifters

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