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Charles Norris Williamson & Alice Muriel Williamson

Alice Muriel Williamson (1869 - September 24, 1933) was a British novelist.

Born Alice Muriel Livingston, she married Charles Norris Williamson (1859–1920) in 1894 and many of her books were jointly written with her husband. After her marriage she introduced herself as Mrs. C.N.Williamson. A number of their novels cover the early days of motoring and can also be read as travelogues.

Under the pseydonym Alice Stuyvesant she wrote "The Hidden House" serialised in The Cavalier Dec 13, Dec 20, Dec 27 1913, and Jan 3, Jan 10 1914.

Charles Norris Williamson wrote many of his published works in partnership with his wife, Alice who apparently said of him "Charlie Williamson could do anything in the world except write stories": she also said "I can't do anything else." Charles wrote some novels on his own, as did Alice after her husband's death in 1920.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Muriel_Williamson  

Charles Norris (C N) Williamson (1859–1920) was a British writer, motoring journalist and founder of the Black and White (magazine) who was perhaps best-known for his collaboration with his wife, Alice Muriel Williamson, in a number of novels and travelogues.

Born in Exeter, Williamson was educated at University College, London, where he studied engineering. He spent eight years as a journalist on the Graphic before establishing the Black and White (magazine) in 1891 as founding editor. He published a Life of Carlyle in 1881. Several of the Williamsons' short stories and novels later became films.

He died at Combe Down, Bath, on Sunday 3 October 1920.

Charles Norris Williamson & Alice Muriel Williamson's Books on Amazon: Charles Norris Williamson & Alice Muriel Williamson

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Norris_Williamson

Cover Art by Joyce Dennys, 1923
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