elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Man Candy Day: Hugh Plummer & Liam

I need to take a "leave" from blogging... I'm going on vacation! so for the next two weeks or so I will post pictures from my travels (I hope so), and as temporary farewell I will gift you the last two models Dylan sent me:

Hugh Plummer, 26 years old, is a model and personal trainer. Trust me, he is worthy to be checked on Dylan's site, http://www.themaleform.net/, in his full frontal exclusive

His goal in life is to stay healthy, be successful at everything he does. Anything else you want to know, visit his website, http://www.HughPlummer.com.

Liam is a 19 years old Dylan photographed few months ago at a great warehouse location in north London. Makes a change from the usual studio stuff.
Tags: man candy

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