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Recap of GRL retreat at New Orleans

Actually my experience started two weeks before in New York City. I spent 4 days there, to visit Brooklyn, that I have never had before, and meeting friends. On Saturday night I went to see Damon Suede "two-stepping", and guys that was an experience, Damon is so full of energy that is almost a blur of activity. The night after was more quiet and I spent the night in a nice place having dinner with Max Rhyzer. Max, I said then and now, you have a wonderful smile, so sweet and... well, peaceful.

The following two weeks were spent among Louisiana and Mississippi, visiting old mansion and plantation and even taking a boat trip in the swamps.

New Orleans was even too much to describe, so many people I was almost scared. I met Z.A. Maxfield, a familiar face, at breakfast, and had the pleasure to have dinner with Clare London and her son. The first night there was an event in a private club, but it was a little too crowded for me and in the end I spent the night talking with Anel Viz and later T.C. Blue and Aurora Alexander joined us. I probably went to sleep at 10.00 p.m. but I'm sure the others were there until the little hours of night.

Second day was way more quiet. Just hanging around and meeting people. A lot of people. Laura Baumbach, Kris Jacen (trying to steal beas), Johnny Miles (hope the photo was good), D.H. Starr, Ethan Day (I say soo, you look soo young!), Carol Lynne, Lynn Lorenz, E.M. Lynley & Cat Grant (nice chat pool-side), Heidi Cullinan (thank you for being so sweet and kind), Marie Sexton, J.P. Bowie, Marguerite Labbe, T.D. McKinney, Terry Wylis, Kiernan Kelly (and I suppose her wonderful husband, her best promoter), Belinda McBride (my haunted house host) with Isabelle Rowan and Angelia Sparrow, Treva Harte (who is guilty of making my luggage too heavy to be accepted, I had to empty it in the airport and drag tons of books in my trolley ;-) it's worth the effort though!), Lydia Nyx and her wonderful socks ;-), Angela Benedetti, Kate McMurray (thank you for sharing your saturday breakfast with me), Devon Rhodes (you are so sweet, petite and blonde and with a wonderful smile), Barry Brennessell (I think I scared you during our walk to the hotel, I was talking and talking and you were politely smiling, not sure if you wanted to run away or else), Geoffrey Knight (and our perusing of the gift bags... btw you lies so well saying I'm exactly like my profile picture, that is almost 15 years old! even if also Damon said the same... both charming!), Jaime Samms, Ethan Stone, Eden Winters, P.D. Singer, Rachel Haimowitz.

A special thank you to William Neale, wonderful lunch host and Rick R. Reed who joined us at the Court of the Two Sisters, it was wonderful chatting with you. And to Anel Viz, Jeff Erno and Michele Montgomery with whom I shared a oysters based dinner (wonderful pasta!).

Sorry if I miss someone, it was not my intention, it's only that in the end, I lost my mind trying to match names with faces. It was a very nice experience, the feeling was of welcoming and being among friends, even if for many of us was the first time meeting each other face to face. I was a little subdue, not really speaking a lot (aside for poor Barry), but it was beautiful meeting you all.

(The photo is of the Bourbon Orleans, our very nice, very central hotel in New Orleans) Next year Albuquerque, New Mexico... not sure I will be there but if you can, it's very much a worthy experience!
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