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Tune Up by Terry O’Reilly

A nice and unexpectedly romantic short story, I mostly liked it since it presents ordinary characters and not “romance” heroes. Kenny is a small town boy who left home soon after high school upon realizing that being gay and living in a small town was not a good combination. But to take care of his mother he came back and now, even if his mother is gone, he has not yet found the way back to city. I think he is waiting a push, some reason as important as his mother to change again his life.

Kenny has never really fallen in love; he thinks that what he needs is sex, but instead I think that what he needs, who he needs his someone he cares for. When sexy bike rider Jonas stops at Kenny’s garage to tune up his Harley, to Kenny he is like a wet dream comes to live; truth be told, from Kenny’s description, I think Jonas would be not my type, but I’m not Kenny of course; slightly older, clad in leather and with a sexy and self-confident attitude, it doesn’t take long for Jonas to drag Kenny back to Kenny’s place and have his way with him.

I will not go further, enough to say that the end is not what I was expecting, and that it saved Jonas’s imagine to my eyes. There is a very romantic, very movie style ending, that I’m sure the more romantic readers will love, and in the meantime, for who is searching a sexy break, Tune Up is that and more.


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Amazon Kindle: Tune Up
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 11, 2010)

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Tags: author: terry o’reilly, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review

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