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Colin and Martin’s London Christmas by Drew Hunt

This is the second chapter in the very common life of Colin and Martin, two ordinary gay men living in northern UK. I remember their story was very, very romantic, about a blind gay man, Martin, who was setting out to spend yet one another Christmas alone with his guide dog and that fell in love just days before Christmas with the delivery guy, Colin.

Nor Colin or Martin are “special” men, and aside for Martin having a disability, they are pretty much not “hero” material… what is heroic in being a delivery guy? But nevertheless the story was romantic, the love between Colin and Martin sweet, and Colin, despite his boring job, was a wonderful romance hero, sweeping Martin away in a brisky December night and giving him the most perfect date of his life.

Now 5 year later Colin and Martin are living together, but they reached almost a breaking point: Colin inadvertently caused the death of Martin’s dog, and Martin is not able to forgive him. That is what made so special to me this novella; sorry if I’m rude, but when there is a character with disability in a romance novel, they are almost always saints… they are never wrong, they are always so polite that sometime I’d like to knock them off to see if I would have a reaction. I loved that Martin was not perfect, I loved that he was angry, and bitter towards Colin, even if, truth be told, Colin didn’t deserve it. Why I loved it? Since they were realistic. Can you imagine Martin’s feeling of loss when he is deprived of his guide dog? True, Colin is there, loving him, but to Martin is like someone was emasculating him.

Don’t worry though, this is a seasonal romance, a Christmas tale, and as such, our common heroes will find a way towards happiness.


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Amazon Kindle: Colin and Martin's London Christmas
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 16, 2010)

1) Colin and Martin's First Christmas: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1224722.html
2) Colin and Martin's London Christmas

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Tags: author: drew hunt, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: disability, theme: seasonal romance

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