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Dylan Rosser's Naked

Ok, I know that many of my friends would love if I had made one yet of my grammatical error and the title was "Dylan Rosser Naked", but nope, the "s" is right and we are talking about the new, beautiful coffetable book by Dylan.

Whenever a photographer wants to show his models completely nude he needs a lot of empathy to create an atmosphere that’s free of any restraints. Dylan Rosser is perfectly capable of this as he has already proven with his photo books. Naked is all about intimacy and encounters with men at their most vulnerable but also at their most beautiful. These pictures are striking and they go under the skin. Rosser dresses his models in beautiful lighting—often he presents them in an almost sterile environment, yet bathing them in richly saturated colors. The images in Naked are stark, erotic and effortless.

112 pages, full color,
hardcover with dust‐jacket
21,5 x 28,5 cm / 8½ x 11¼’’
ISBN 978-3-86787-226-3
US$ 59.99 / £ 32.50
€ 34,95 / CHF 49,90 / AUS$ 65.99
Amazon: Naked (Bruno Gmunder Verlag)

I was very glad of an answer Dylan gave me on the concept behind Naked, since I think I noticed something in the most recent work by Dylan that is clearly and wonderfully displayed in this new book. Of course Dylan is always the same, he has an eye for light that I would kill for, and also for details most would consider "faults" and instead he turns into best feature (models, don't you love him?), but, I don't know, I feel like these pictures are more "warm". Maybe it's since I have always loved earth tones (brown, rose pink, deep gold...).


Dylan was also so kind to answer to some of my "stupid" questions ;-) Hope you will like them, and guys, read carefully, then buy the book and go to one of Dylan's book-signing, maybe we will realize his dream! (I know you like skinny and geeky...)

1) Do you remember your first camera? How did you come to have it and what was your first "non-professional" shot?

My first camera was a Canon EOS SLR and now i still use a Canon but a digital SLR. I never inherited a camera from someone in the family, which is how a lot of stories go, I just saved up and bought one. I'm turning 40 next year so really hard to remember so far back as to my first shot but was probably pics of my cat.


2) I saw some professional portraits of you and they were really good (evidence a) see attached photo of Dylan by Rick Day). Did you model yourself before going behind a camera?

No, I was never a model. I was too skinny and geeky for that. I think there was a period when that was a fashionable look but my timing was wrong.


3) You travel a lot for work, how do you manage your personal life against your professional one? for example, you have a cat, who is taking care of your pet when you are abroad?

Well I don't really have much of a personal life. Would love to have a boyfriend but maybe with my job it is not going to happen. My cat is always looked after because most of the time I am away in the US I am swapping apartments with a friend so there is normally someone at my place in London.


4) You are starting a lot of "ventures", books (Naked), magazines (tMF), websites, all related around your male-nude photos; do you manage everything by yourself or are you thinking to open the gate to others?

I am beginning to realise that I am a control freak so it is hard to let others help out, but now I have guest photographers shooting for themaleform.net and a wonderful writer, Tye Briggs, who helps with the editorial content of tMf Magazine (tmfmagazine.com). But I am happy to be busy and doing something I enjoy.


5) I know that most of the models you use answered a call, so it's likely you are not meeting them again, but has it ever happened that a friendship was born? Did you maintain contact with some of the models, and if yes, can you tell us some "behind the scene" anecdote?

There are a handful of models that have remained friends. Probably the best friendship that has developed is with Rastino (in the pic with tattoo on arm). He has joined me twice while I have been in the US, and we have had such a great time shooting in Joshua Tree and hanging out in LA. We recently spent Halloween together in West Hollywood and it was a lot of fun. We were both dressed as butchers with white aprons covered in blood and underneath just a jock strap. Normally i would be too shy to do such stuff but i guess he brings out the fun side of me. Only downside of hanging out with a model is that they get all the attention.

Ras & Dimitry

6) What is the concept beyond Naked (aside from the obvious, that they are naked! ;-))... I meant there is a color theme, a choice of media, or...?

Well there is definitely a lot of full frontal nudity but where my last book, RED, had a colour theme this is maybe a bit more about textures. Lots of wet metal surfaces, exposed brick walls, warehouses and concrete.


7) Any chance you will do a book-signing?

I am planning to do a book launch in London on December the 2nd at a bar called PROFILE
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