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Bargaining by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

This is really only a sex scene, but smooth and enjoyable. This epub sells this short stories promoting them as a good reading while you take a break or drink coffee, and I have to agree.

Les and Evan are best friends. Not friends with benefits until they drink too much and stumble in bed together. Eager for more they are immediately naked and ready for... here is the problem, who bottoms? No one has never bottomed before (I don't really understand if someone or both has topped neither), and so they have to reach an agreement... maybe they can take the turn.

And so Les and Evan learn about each other much more than during all their friendship and maybe also love blossom and at the end of the night, the role of bottom is an ambitious one and not more a scaring position.

I was really convinced to have read something of Rhianne Aile before, but don't remember what and couldn't find nothing in my laptop, so mayb I stumble in her name during a chat (good thing to know new authors...) and I like her style (and also those of Madeleine Urban, her co-author). I have seen a coming soon book on Dreamspinner, a paranormal, and I think I will buy it even if the cover is very ugly... strange thing cause all the site has a very attractive design and really elegant. 


Tags: author: madeleine urban, author: rhianne aile, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: friends benefits

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