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Best Gay Paranormal / Horror: Coyote’s Creed by Vaughn R. Demont

From the blurb you already knew that Rourke was supposed to be Spencer’s love interested, and so when the story starts with 18 years old Spencer calling 50 years old Rourke “uncle” the first thought I had was “kinky”! But aside for highlighting that there is a huge age difference between Spencer and Rourke, and explaining that basically Rourke was a substitute father for Spencer (not really an uncle), the author also makes it clear that Rourke is very handsome, very sexy, and that Spencer newer once questions on their age difference. Actually more than “you are too old for me”, the issue is “I’m too young for commitment”: Spencer has no trouble at all admitting he is bisexual and a same opportunity type of guy, when he has the chance to “test drive” with Rourke, there is very little afterthought on the fact that Rourke is almost a fatherly figure for him, sex is more important, but when Rourke almost immediately talks about love, Spencer is reticent to admit that love back, mainly since he thinks he is too young to commit to only one person. Now don’t get me wrong, the love story between Rourke and Spencer is there and it’s good, but maybe it’s more an happily for now type of end than an happily ever after. The fact that Rourke is a Phouka, and as such practically immortal, is on the cons list for making this relationship lasting forever.

I like the mix of fantasy and contemporary/coming of age novel; Spencer is actually plunged in a fantasy world he was not aware of, but sometime I had the feeling he was more interesting in getting lay as much as possible than actually trying to puzzle out the chaos he was in the middle of. Spencer is 18 years old and he is not a “little adult”; on the contrary, he often takes his decision based on his instincts/impulses more than on his reasoning, and that is very much like a common teenager, even if there is nothing common on the situation Spencer is living.

For various reason, for the fantasy plot, for Spencer’s allergy at the word “love”, someone could think this is not much of a romance, and instead I found it to be sweet and very romantic. It’s mostly due to Rourke, he is a very fascinating man, a man that allures both women than men, and so maybe I fell on his charm net like everyone else, but in a way or the other, I was cheering for him to catch Spencer and to take him forever. I was more interested on the love story than the fantasy plot, but that doesn’t mean that the fantasy plot was not good, and quite complex, a very good alternative world, even if the author managed to not make it too “heavy” on details distracting the reader from the plot.


Amazon Kindle: Coyote's Creed: Broken Mirrors, Book 1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (October 11, 2011)

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