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Forsaking Eternity by Voirey Linger

When the novel started I had the feeling Renatus was a quiet and timid man (angel), fragile and shy; I did like this imagine, a shy angel who falls in love for the nerdy professor, wearing tweed and corduroy, was a story I was ready to like. But Renatus surprised me, and he became a fierce character, an avenger of his people, and someone who was ready to protect his beloved with everything he had, even his immortal life.

Forsaking Eternity is the sequel of Risking Eternity; I chose to not read that book because from the blurb I was convinced it was a het romance between an Angel, Dom, and a woman, Maggie. That is true, but what was not clear in the blurb is that Dom has a very special relationship with Renatus, so special that almost bordered into love if not for Renatus’s stubbornness to abide to the law, a law that forbids same sex relationship. Between Dom and Renatus there was only a kiss, and we learn in this novel that now Dom is in a relationship with Maggie, even if both Dom and Renatus regrets the breaking of their special bond.

At the beginning of this novel, Renatus wants to understand his feelings, towards Dom but also towards male in general, and to not condemn to damnation someone else he decides to test his sexuality with a man: if the man doesn’t know Renatus is an angel, the only one who is breaking the law is Renatus himself, and the chosen human is safe.

Adam is the chosen, and he is a good man, kind and gentle, someone who is attracted by the apparently quiet Renatus, a man who seems to share Adam’s love for all ancient things, in particular books. The objective of the relationship is clear to both Adam and Renatus, they can enjoy each other company and being able to have erudite conversation, but in the end what they want is an intimate relationship and that will be what they will have.

Even if this is a story by a mostly Erotica imprinting, I found the feeling wasn’t as explicit as expected, and yes, there was sex, but was not the main focus of the novel. The internal struggle of Renatus was deftly dealt, and I appreciated the right level of deepness the author gave to plot and characters, even if, I think, there was still space to develop Adam’s character: actually I think, a sequel focusing on Renatus and Adam’s love story would be good.


Amazon Kindle: Forsaking Eternity
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (February 25, 2011)

1) Risking Eternity 
2) Forsaking Eternity

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