elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Man Candy: Bumper Holiday Update

Last week Dylan had the launch party in London for his new coffe table book NAKED and was quite busy preparing the new issue of tMf Magazine. And since TheMaleForm.net will take a break for a few weeks, Dylan decided to be generous and send us a lots of gifts.

Nathan S. has that fashion model look that Dylan loves to shoot. Not too muscular but all the right proportions with a fit, toned, athletic body.

Andrew is 23 years old and an actor. This is a full frontal exclusive from photographer Ethan James.

Another full frontal exclusive is Gio, who Dylan shot in LA earlier this year. He is a dancer and has one of the most amazing bodies. Rock hard abs and a HUGE personality.

Finally we have Josias. Dylan shot him a few months ago in London and it's a rare non full frontal shoot. Dylan loves the shots and Josias has a fantastic body.

Tags: man candy

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