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Tomorrow's Headline by D. E. LeFever

When I started Tomorrow’s Headline, I had the feeling I opened the wrong book. Sure the names were mostly the same, but the story was completely different from the once I imagined reading the blurb. The blurb implied a mystery/thriller/adventure novel, implied, more or less, a romance between suspected murderer Mike Andrews and police detective Alex Barone, and that was good, I was all for this plot, but that was not where the novel seemed to lead. Sure Mike is the main suspect in the murder of Allison, but we also know, since the author is clear on that, that Mike is innocent since he was with his lover Ryan the night of the murder. Sure, one of my thesis was that Ryan was lying to protect Mike, but in any case, Mike’s love interest was all for Ryan, no space for Alex whatsoever. Plus also Ryan seemed a really nice man, very much in love with Mike, so I would have been pissed if in the end, Mike dumped him for someone else.

Aside from my preferences between Ryan and Alex, in any case until more than half the story, Morocco is not in the overview. Until that moment the story was pretty much a trial/lawyers thriller novel, and as I said, while the author was very good in presenting in a positive way both Mike than Ryan, that didn’t exclude the chance Mike was guilty, sure my preference was for him not being, but it could have been a chance. Mike was hiding something, for sure he was hiding his lover to the public, to protect Ryan’s professional career as football player, but even to the reader, who knew about Ryan, it seemed he was still taking back something. For example, his relationship with Allison, didn’t seem so clear, and that was one of the reason why I didn’t cross him out from the possible guilty list.

One second thing that was not clear from the blurb is that Mike and Alex are not the only main characters of this story; from the blurb you got the feeling the story is centered around them and their adventure in Morocco, and instead they are only two of the multiple characters you will find in the story. I, for example, didn’t mind Art and Heath, Mike’s lawyers, but there are also the various police detectives, the prosecutor, some other stuff and then there is Allison. Actually poor Allison, already death at the beginning of the story, is probably the one who will remain a mystery; for various reason the focus of the story will move from finding her killer to trying to clear Mike, and she will “get lost” in the middle of it.

I appreciate that the author, while not losing the feeling of mystery/thriller of the story, devoted some time also to the romance: Mike and Ryan are a very nice couple, very much in love, and they are all for protecting each other, so much to being ready to sacrifice themselves for the well-good of the other.

Amazon: Tomorrow's Headline
Amazon Kindle: Tomorrow's Headline
Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 9, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1456471392
ISBN-13: 978-1456471392

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Tags: author: d.e. lefever, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: cops

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