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On January 30, Goodreads will no longer display book information that comes from Amazon

I'm not really sure what is happening but I thought others wanted to know. I have more than 3.000 books on Goodreads, mostly Gay Romances, and when I read about this news, I went to see how many of my books were affected: 160. Well that is a good share, and I noticed they were mostly from Ravenous Romance, Amber Quill and Total-e-Bound. My impression is that, publishers who are not so active on Amazon are in danger of seeing their books deleted from Goodreads since they didn't find any alternative source other than Amazon to retrieve the book details.

From this link:


there is a link to the list of books in your library you can "rescue"; I rescued all mine, simply confirming Title, Author and an official link (Author's website or Publisher's website). In this way, from what I understood, all the reviewes I posted for those books are safe. I suggest you to do the same, then, if later one you want to complete the details, you are always in time.

As I said I don't know what is happening, before Goodreads I used LibraryThing, and still am, and LibraryThing is still using Amazon search engine to retrieve the books details and covers. My major effort is in maintaining that library up to date, Goodreads is more or less a back-up, so for me is not an issue if they don't link Amazon, at worst I will not record some books. But if you use Goodreads as your main library, than this could be a problem for you.

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