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Around the World: Singapore

First week in Singapore of the next 5, everything is fine, yesterday I was a little out, probably Jet Lag, and today I gave up after visiting the Colonial District, even if it was in plan to see also Chinatown... will do next Saturday.

In the meantime here are some shots:

This is one of my favorite, the old Bridge and the new Skyscrapers

Yes, it's the bum of a bird... but it's by Botero!

Salvator Dali was more chic (but less chick) ;-)

the little colored houses are original, but they put air conditioning "umbrellas" atop of them

And this is the view from the window of... my shower! yes, I have a walk in shower that is basically the back part of the bathroom, with ALL the wall made of glass and looking below (and above and in front of you)... if you are an exhibitionist this is your dream. The pool below is the poll of my hotel.
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