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Event: Apply for the LGBT Scholarship

Lauren, who created the Living Beyond Tolerance Scholarship, contacted me to ask if I was willing to pass some information on my LiveJournal, and I'm glad to do that. She created an LGBT/Ally "scholarship" for people between 15 an 25 in the U.S. Right now, they're looking for different places to spread the word so that more people can know to apply. She is also hosting some auctions at her blog right now to raise more money for whoever is chosen as the "winner."

All the information about the scholarship, as well as all the auctions up now and more to come, can be found here: http://www.bridgethegapx.blogspot.com/

How to Apply for the LGBT Scholarship:

To enter:
*You must classify as LGBT or an LGBT Ally
*You must live in the United States to be elegible (Any State!)
*You must be between the ages of 15 to 25 when you ENTER
*You must be somehow working to make sure everyone is more than tolerated, but accepted
*To apply for the scholarship… write an essay between 1-4 pages about why you deserve to win and personally fit the bill for this scholarship. Email it to: shootingstarsmag@aol.com with the subject line:

Scholarship: (and then your name)

*You must be planning to use this money for education of some sort, whether that’s high school, college, technical school, etc.
*You can apply from the beginning of June 2011 to March 1, 2012
*The upcoming auctions will be during the month of January 2012, which is how we’ll raise most of the money for the scholarship…people can simply donate as well if they wish.

-if you have something you want to donate FOR the auctions, please email here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com and put "donation item" in the subject! We will take products, writing critiques, books, and more.

*This will be at least a $250 scholarship, thanks to author Jessica Verday

Please enter if you qualify and if you do not... tell those you know or simply post about it online so that word can spread. We need donations for the auctions and people willing to bid... but to really make this work, we need applicants!

Ultimately, the winner will be decided by me and a panel of judges. Those judges will be decided on in the future!

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