elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Around the World: Rainbow Book Fair, New York City

love this old covers

David Pratt and Michael Graves

Less than Three Press

Ellis Carrington, Kate McMurray and J.P. Barnaby

Andrew Grey

Riptide Publishing

Damon Suede

Joseph DeMarco, Steve Berman and Jerry L. Wheeler

Paul Russell

Christopher Bram

Michael Graves

Clifford Browder

Andrew Grey

Kergan Edwards-Stout

Nora Olsen

Justin Hernandez

S.A. Garcia

Rick McGranahan

Michael Griffo

Michael Graves

Jerry L. Wheeler

Larry Closs

Amy Lane

Charlie Rice-Gonzalez

Charlie Rice-Gonzalez's puppy, totally scene thief

Scott Alexander Hess

Jameson Currier, Michael Graves and Charles Silverstein

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