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Winter Warmers edited by J.L. Merrow and Josephine Myles

This anthology is so nice and romantic that is really difficult to say if I like a story more than the other, they are really very good.

Lucky Dip by Clare London: A light and very romantic story about a primary school teacher and his former boyfriend who wants a second chance. Andy is so cute and tender that I was wondering how Greg could have ever thought to let him go, and truth be told, I would have not bought his reasons so easily like Andy does, but you know, when you are in love nothing else really matters. There is no drama in this Christmas story, and even if sex happens, it’s behind closed door (pun intended), so the major focus of the story is the romanticism, and a love story that is sure to have an happily ever after of the type that warms your heart.

Butterscotch Kisses by Chrissy Munder: Matthew has been dumped by his boyfriend, but that is not really what is upsetting him, but more the fact he has a fear for heights. And so he is going over and over back to the same place where the break-up happened, but after the first time he has one reason more to go: the cute ticket guy, Adam, and his funny hats and warm smiles. Now Matthew’s target has changed from trying to overcome his fear to conquering Adam. Again a sweet and romantic story, no sex at all, just some very tender kisses.

Wintertide by Lou Harper: more with a bittersweet feeling than the previous two, Wintertide is probably my favourite. It’s about Oscar, an handsome 40 pushing 50 years old man who has recently lost his 25 years long-time partner, Charlie. There is no regrets in Oscar, he knew he loved Charlie as much as it was possible, and Charlie loved him back, so Oscar’s sadness is right, but not incurable. And so when he meets Jem, young man with a stray attitude, Oscar brings him home, to cherish and love him, something Jem is not used to. Oscar and Jem are average people, not model striking beauty, not sun-tanned wealthy businessmen, but their love is sweet and romantic, one of the nicest novellas I read in recent time.

When in Amsterdam by Josephine Myles: Interesting multicultural love story, between Brandon, Englishman, and Jos, from Amsterdam. Jos is bringing Brandon to meet his family in Amsterdam for the Sinterklaas, a local festivity, and Brandon is surprised to find out that instead of elves helping Santa Klaus, there are the Pietens, black-little men. To Brandon’s sense of justice it seems a little insensitive to use something deriving from slavery as children fairy tale and also turning it into a tourist souvenir, but actually there are more important things on Brandon’s mind right now, like trying to understand if he is able to being the dominant lover Jos needs, not an easy thing for him to be, Brandon being so kind and sensitive every time and in all occasion.

A Pint of Beer, a Bag of Chips, and Thou by JL Merrow: a funny May/December story about Liam, a twenty-something guy who has the hots for the silver fox he sees everyday while he is playing the saxophone in the London Tube. Even if Liam has a wonderful life, a loving mom and two wonderful aunts living with them, plus another one who is in a lesbian relationship, it’s clear that his interest in older men it’s due to the fact he didn’t have a fatherly figure in his life. Liam’s father is more than 10 years younger than his mother, and has now a new family and doesn’t care much for his first son, probably since he didn’t want him from the beginning. But as I said, Liam is not bitter about that, and when he meets Neil, it’s love at first sight, a love that will grew strongly until the Christmas Eve night when he will have finally the chance to meet him.


Amazon Kindle: Winter Warmers
Publisher: Pink Squirrel Press (November 26, 2011)

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle
Tags: author: chrissy munder, author: clare london, author: j.l. merrow, author: josephine myles, author: lou harper, editor: j.l. merrow, editor: josephine myles, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: seasonal romance

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