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Coming Soon: A Warm Wind (2011)

A Warm Wind
Year Produced: 2011
Directed By: Jeff London
Starring: Tyler Haines, Zac Titus, Landon Ashworth, Brent King, Robert Sisko
Language: English/Closed Captions
Run Time: 92 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: A Warm Wind (2011


A terrific new gay drama from Jeff London, the director of Arizona Sky!

Handsome Tyler Haines stars in this powerful drama as David, a single gay man who steps forward to help out his cousin Buck (Zac Titus), a U.S. Marine who returns home wounded from the Iraq War. In addition to the challenges of coping with Buck’s post traumatic stress disorder and his physical injuries, David must also confront Buck’s father’s homophobia.

Excerpt from “Jeff London Talks About A Warm Wind” from QMovieBlog.com:

Q. You’ve made so many popular gay films over the years… Can you tell us [more about] the gay angle of your new film?

A. The production has been very hush-hush on the gay angle. I need to get the story out to the general public for all audiences, to let people find out the truth well after they are involved. With 5 main characters in the movie, all men, we find out that 2 of them are gay, one an average guy who is a construction worker. It comes as even a bigger a surprise to audiences when they find out about another character – they never would have guessed, and I’m not telling!

I always want positive gay role model characters in my stories. Every day guys like me that are a huge part of society, but are so often overlooked or characterized as flaming queers in most movies or television. We all need to be represented. If people help me keep the secret to this story, it will help change the minds of a lot of people out there who may have preconceived ideas of who a gay person is. I took a definite stand on bringing the gay issue together with the military.

Awards & Quotes

“THIS IS A MOVIE EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD SEE!” -Judy Lacey, Freedom Foundation Veterans Coordinator

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!” YOU GOT IT RIGHT! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL. -Shannon D. Book, Veteran 10 Years Military Service, 2 Tours Iraq

“I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS MOVIE.” -SGT Scott Douglas, U.S. Army, 8 Years Military Service, 1 Tour Iraq

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! A MOVIE THAT SUPPORTS THE TROOPS AND AMERICA.” -Kim Nier, Blue Star Mothers President, Arizona Chapter 1
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