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Coming Soon: The Men Next Door - a new gay comedy feature film

Guest House Films has announced the casting of the three lead actors for its upcoming feature film, “The Men Next Door” – Eric Dean (“Nine Lives,” “George’s Intervention”), Michael Nicklin (“The George & Alana Show”) and Benjamin Lutz (“Bite Marks,” “The Love Patient”).

Eric Dean, Benjamin Lutz, Michael Nicklin 

Dean will star as Doug, a 40-year-old gay man who finds himself dating two very different men – 50-year-old Jacob (played by Nicklin) and 30-year-old Colton (played by Lutz). What Doug doesn’t learn right away is that the two equally lovable men are, in fact, father and son.

“I cannot wait to get on set with these three actors – individually, they are each extremely talented and charismatic, but when we put them together during the audition process, we immediately saw something special that should translate into amazing on-screen chemistry,” said Rob Williams, writer and director of “The Men Next Door.”

Principal photography on “The Men Next Door”, which will be produced by Rodney Johnson and Williams, is expected to begin in May, and will be distributed by Guest House Films after a film festival run.

Additional casting for the movie will be announced soon. Anyone interested in supporting The Men Next Door is encouraged to visit the film’s IndieGoGo campaign page at www.indiegogo.com/themennextdoor
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