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Gay indie feature film needs YOUR help!

LOVE OR WHATEVER is about Corey who thought he had it all: A successful career, a lesbian sister who’s his best friend and most of all, a bright future with his boyfriend, Jon. But when Jon dumps him—for a woman!—Corey sets off on a wild journey of self-discovery that leads him to a GRNDR connection, a new love and a life changing choice: Love Or Whatever.

The Movie Stars: Tyler Poelle (SCRUBS), Jennifer Elise Cox (THE BRADY BUNCH movies), Joel Rush (Eating Out movies), David Wilson Page (GLEE), Jenica Bergere (SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED), Kate Flannery (THE OFFICE), Fay DeWitt (LOST AND FOUNND), Michael Carbonaro (THE TONIGHT SHOW), Julie Goldman (THE BIG GAY SKETCH COMEDY SHOW), Justin Ross (PLAN B), Gary and Edmund Entin (SECONDS APART).

Back in February 2010, KGB FILMS discovered the LOVE OR WHATEVER screenplay on a website called inktip.com, less than 12 hours after its posting. A few months later, the project secured 50% of its financing. Next with writers Dennis Bush and Cait Brennan we spent the following months developing the script while trying to secure additional financing. Eight months in we had an amazing script and were faced with a tough decision... Do we try for longer to find the second half of our funding or do we make a calculated decision to just go for it! And, we went for it.

Shooting for less money meant giving up a lot of things or so we thought. We did have to shoot for less days... now only 12. But, everyone on the project really rallied, cast and crew alike. Everyone just loved the script. After all this was a romantic comedy and our script rocked! We pulled endless favors, got amazing locations and deals, even a stellar camera package. It was truly a series of miracles and hard work that saw us through. Even with all that said... our team was thrown some curve balls that not even we could overcome financially during shooting. There is a saying: “good, fast and cheap; pick two”. So, while we wanted good and we had to do it fast during the shoot or risk shutting down... we ended up spending our post and marketing budgets entirely in order to get our film in the can.

If you want to contribute, please read more info here: http://igg.me/p/66961
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