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Call for submissions: Storm Moon Press

This is the call for submissions for various anthologies by Storm Moon Press. Submission guidelines can all be found on their website at http://www.stormmoonpress.com/anthologies.aspx

Devil's Night
Submission Deadline: June 29, 2012
Expected Release Date: October 5, 2012

The infernal host is on the prowl. They want your soul, and they're not afraid to bargain for it. They'll promise you everything you could ever desire, but the price tag may be steeper than you can handle.

Demons and devils are the focus of this gay anthology. Whether tempting and seducing mortals, defiling angels, or reveling among themselves, these fiendish creatures know that while good is okay, evil is just more fun. We're looking for hellions that are good at being bad. Stories may be dark, funny, or upbeat—just not angsty. Happy endings are not required; hot and dirty sexytimes are.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror
Pairings: Gay
HEA or HFN Ending Not Required

Torn In Two
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2012
Expected Release: November 9, 2012

It is often said that bisexual men are 'torn in two' by the opposing expectations from society. They are often accused of being confused or riding the proverbial fence between gay and straight. To many others, their attraction to men makes them 'not straight', while their attraction to women makes them 'not gay'. It is this conflict that sets them apart and often ostracizes them from both communities. At Storm Moon Press, we're of the mind that bisexual men are often misrepresented in fiction, and in this anthology, we would love to see that change for the better.

Torn In Two is a collection of short stories highlighting bisexual men, including their relationships with both men and women. We recognize that different characters will have different levels of interest in their partners, but above all else, we want to see stories that celebrate that diversity. These submissions need to contain an HEA/HFN ending, as we want to portray bisexual men in a positive, hopeful, and respectful way.

Genres: Any
Pairings: Bisexual
HEA or HFN Ending Required

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2012
Expected Release: October 19, 2012

Whether it's to celebrate an event, pay homage to a source of inspiration, or give visual expression to a personality trait, there's no denying that women with tattoos can be incredibly sexy. The women featured in Inked will agree. When faced with another woman sporting tattoos, these ladies won't be able to hold themselves back.

In Inked, we're looking to highlight women with tattoos, making their inked marks the erotic focus of the story. Their marks can be anything from traditional tribal to butterflies to an elaborate design spanning their entire back, so have fun exploring designs and sharing the stories behind the tattoos and their placement. Genres for this anthology are completely open. So long as the tattoos are at the center of the character's sexual attention and everyone ends on a positive, HEA/HFN note, any genre from Contemporary to Fantasy to Post-apocalyptic will do!

Genres: Any
Pairings: Lesbian
HEA or HFN Ending Required

Transitions Volume I & Transitions Volume II
Submission Deadline: July 30, 2012
Expected Release Date: November 23, 2012

With Transitions, Storm Moon Press would like to showcase stories of contemporary erotic romance centered on individuals considering, starting, undergoing, or completing sexual reassignment surgery. Volume I will contain stories focused on trans women (M2F), while Volume II will contain stories focused on trans men (F2M). While we are aware that not every transgender individual feels a desire for transitional surgery, this anthology is concerned only with those who do.

Characters may be at any point along their journey to transition, and all sexualities are permitted. Stories should be in a contemporary setting, with no urban fantasy or paranormal elements. While the transitioning itself need not be the primary plot element, it should at least play a significant part. Happily-ever-after or happy-for-now endings are required, as we want to accentuate the positives despite social acceptance being slow to catch up.

Genres: Contemporary
Pairings: Trans*
HEA or HFN Ending Required

The First Time
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012
Expected Release: December 21, 2012

A woman's virginity is the ultimate taboo topic. In many societies, it is prized to the point of fanaticism. Such importance and value is placed on it that it sometimes takes years for a woman to overcome fears associated with losing her virginity. Letting someone close is difficult enough; letting them close when it's your first time can be terrifying in the same moment as it's exciting.

For The First Time, we are looking for lesbian short stories that center around women losing their virginity to other women. As can be expected, the definition of virginity here can be unorthodox, so feel free to experiment and challenge your characters' perception of the topic! Genre is also fluid here, so you can play with female characters from Science Fiction to Urban Fantasy to Historical. While a Happily Ever After isn't required—first times aren't always forever—we ask that every submission end on a positive, high note.

Please keep in mind that submissions including explicit sex with one or more individuals under the age of eighteen will be summarily rejected. The virgin(s) involved in the story can be any age you like, so long as it's above the generally accepted legal age of eighteen. All genres are acceptable.

Genres: Any
Pairings: Lesbian
HEA or HFN Ending Required

Weight Of A Gun II
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012
Expected Release: December 14, 2012

The taboo surrounding guns is unmistakable. They are dangerous, the very symbol of power and control. Their very presence can threaten, coerce, inspire fear, and spark controversy. Mix guns with sex, and you have a rather explosive combination. As an extension to our first gun-focused anthology, Weight of a Gun II is another opportunity to relate everything about guns that makes them sexy.

We are looking for gay short stories revolving around sexual play with guns. As long as the gun remains the erotic focus of the story, we're open to it being used in any way from frottage to insertion to simple intimidation. Feel free to play around with what qualifies as a gun as well. Since we're happy to cover all different genres, you can use laser, magic, paintball, steampunk, or even toy guns. So long as one partner gets a thrill from the danger associated with the gun, you're good to go!

As in the first Weight of a Gun anthology, the definition of gun-play is up to interpretation, but the gun itself may not go off during the sexual interaction. This isn't to say that there can't be situations that involve dubious consent, but we would prefer not to have accidental discharges. Dark endings are all right, but keep in mind that readers will want a satisfying ending, even if that doesn't mean HEA or HFN, so no main character deaths, please.

Genres: Any
Pairings: Gay
HEA or HFN Ending Not Required

Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012
Expected Release Date: December 7, 2012

Ah, the holiday season. Gifts and songs. Tinsel and lights. Whips and chains?

That's right. This holiday anthology is all about BDSM. We're looking for characters who know that sometimes it's Nice to be Naughty. Any pairing or genre is welcome, so long as BDSM themes and scenes feature prominently. Stories that also incorporate a wintery holiday theme are especially encouraged. Scenes must be Safe, Sane, and Consensual—no rape, dubious consent, or torture—though an unhealthy relationship can be used as a plot point. Happy endings are a must for this one; it's the holidays, after all!

Genres: Any
Pairings: Gay, Lesbian, M/F
HEA or HFN Ending Required
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