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Sparks Fly by Brien Michaels

If I had to be true, I didn’t like so much Eduardo the first time we met; a straight man who is “forced” to have sex with men since all women on earth are dead, he really is not treating them well, actually he is a real bastard and in the position of Lincoln I would have not given him the time of a day. But, first Lincoln didn’t see how Eduardo was before, and due to his resemblance with Eduardo’s dead wife, Lincoln receives a way better treatment than all the other men.

The author doesn’t explain who Eduardo and Lincoln are before embarking on that ship that is basically leading to hell; maybe since it was not important, the world is falling apart, and doesn’t really matter who you were or what you did. We can only understand that Eduardo is straight and very wealthy, and Lincoln is somewhat “innocent”, believing in love at first sight and all. When Lincoln sees Eduardo, he recognizes the love of his life and in that situation it’s not important to establish if Eduardo is a good or bad man; in a situation where there is no hope for a future, what really matter is to enjoy the moment.

This is a very hard to “digest” horror, so if you are faint of heart, be careful before picking it up. The relationship between Eduardo and Lincoln is very physical, founded on sex and instinct. That is something that I had already the chance to notice in other novels where the main character is a straight man having a gay relationship, like he had to justify his relationship with another man with only a physical reason, emotions are not part of the equation.

Amazon Kindle: Sparks Fly
Publisher: Etopia Press (August 4, 2011)

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading_list&view=elisa.rolle
Tags: author: brien michaels, genre: paranormal, length: novel, review, theme: demons

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