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Event: WolfeVideo launch Wolfe on Demand

Discover the world of LGBT cinema! WolfeOnDemand.com is the worldwide LGBT movie-watching platform where LGBT films can be seen from anywhere in the world. All films are available to rent or to own, and fans can earn affiliate commissions when they share their favorite films. WolfeOnDemand.com is brought to you by Wolfe — serving customers since 1985, Wolfe is the largest exclusive distributor of LGBT films.

On the first 7 movies available on the Gay catalogue I have already seen 5 and for sure Kawa is the one I will see next weekend!

Kawa, A powerful coming out story: http://muvi.es/w1745/36488

What Happens Next, Solid gay rom-com: http://muvi.es/w1845/36488

Pageant, Behind the scenes at the Miss Gay America Pageant!: http://muvi.es/w1816/36488

East Side Story, A vibrant romantic comedy!: http://muvi.es/w1759/36488

Mulligans, A second chance at your first time: http://muvi.es/w1819/36488

The New Twenty, A smart urban drama about a group of gay and straight friends: http://muvi.es/w1765/36488

Defying Gravity, A poignant collegiate coming out drama: http://muvi.es/w1858/36488
Tags: coming soon, gay romance movie

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