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The Alpha’s Pet (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series) by Shannon West

This is the classical Alpha male/omega male pair, with Marco, the Alpha of his pack, finding and mating with his fated companion, Nicky, who is human and above all a man, while instead Marco has, more or less, always preferred women (even if he has experienced also with men). Plus also Nicky, even if small and pretty, is straight, never once he has felt sexual desire for men. Nicky is not homophobic, his best friend is gay, and so, first he had the chance to discuss about man on man sex, and also the chance to meet gay men. Only that, they never have done anything for him.

When Nicky is forcible turned into a werekin, he goes into heat and his desire to mate with Marco is overwhelming. Nicky is practically forced into having sex with Marco, not by Marco himself, but by his own body which craves the alpha that is in Marco. In this shapeshifter society, there are precise role/play: each pair is made by a Dominant and submissive lover, and when a pair is made, the combination is strict; the wolves are the Dominant, the pet are the submissive. A pet is a werekin without the ability to turn into a wolf, and as a pet he/she is managed: with a collar, on a leash, always submissive to their Master’s orders.

At first I found that the submissive attitude of Nicky was a little too much, above all since he seemed to have not a chance: it was his own body betraying him, even if his mind was against the idea. If there was not the turn in the events, I would have probably thought that everything was too much: Nicky is behaving more like an eager puppy than a partner, arriving to crave sucking his Master’s thumb to fall asleep. But with the turn into rebellion that Nicky will have, the plot became more balanced and as such, I liked it better. Truth be told, even if handsome and strong, I didn’t find Marco particularly clever, on the contrary, he seemed to me a leader who was more used to command with his strength more than with his strategy.

Amazon Kindle: The Alpha's Pet (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 1)
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (May 8, 2012)

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading_list&view=elisa.rolle
Tags: author: shannon west, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: alpha males, theme: gay for you, theme: shapeshifters, theme: virgins

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