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Blood & Ash (Lost Realm Series 1) by Kate Aaron

No doubt there is potential in the story, I will soon explain why, but I cannot not notice that Ash, the main character, is really, really feminine, for being a man. Some of his attitude reminds me a lot those heroines of the 1970s savage romance, medieval ladies who wanted to rebel to their loving, but oppressive, family.

The potential is in Azrael. Ash is the younger son of the King of the Fairies (no pun intended) and where Skye, his older brother and heir, is at the head of the realm army, Ash is relegated inside the castle’s walls. He is the apple of his father’s eyes, and if something will happen to Ash, the king will fade (i.e. die). Skye wants to protect Ash in every way, and so he assigns Azrael, a vampire, as his personal guard. Vampires are dangerous breed, way more dangerous than the fairies or the witches, their enemy. Skye is sure Ash will be safe under Azrael’s surveillance, what he doesn’t is that Azrael is gay, and Ash is a good morsel for the vampire. Truth to Azrael, he does everything in his power to not fallen into temptation, but the fight is very hard (pun intended).

What I liked of Azrael is that, everyone is telling to Skye the vampire is dangerous, that you cannot trust his animal instinct, his blood thirst, and indeed, they are right. More than once Azrael was not able to control himself, arriving not only to kill innocent bystanders, but even beloved ones. Azrael is like a clock-bomb, and sooner or later he will explode.

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