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What He Wants by Kate Aaron

I enjoyed the previous book I read by this author, but it was, well, light, in the meaning that it was an average read. So yes, I didn’t expect nothing different from this one, and I was very pleased to discover that instead this was a very good contemporary novel, an old fashioned office romance, and a story that well develops the relationship between Christo and Damien.

Just out from a 8 years long committed relationship and a bad break-up, Christo doesn’t want to be involved again so soon; Christo is not even the no-strings attached type of guy, and so, well, he thinks celibacy is the best option. But when co-worker Damien offers to be his rebound lover, without commitment and regrets, Christo reluctantly accepts the offer.

Christo has never really liked Damien on a personal level, actually probably their competition on the workfield reflected on the opinion Christo had of Damien as a man, a flirt, someone who is not able to commit, someone who, from his position as second half of a couple, he was only able to condemn and pity. But now Christo is alone, no one of his previous friends, that are also friends of his former partner, are there to help him cope with his newfound “freedom”, and Damien instead is offering help and comfort.

Damien is very different from what Christo was thinking, his incapacity to commit is not due to unwillingness, but to deep emotional scars Damien is bringing along from when he was only a child. They are more similar than what Christo thought, and actually, Christo was probably luckier than Damien, despite all Damien’s money and good looks.

I really loved the slow paced evolution of Damien and Christo’s relationship, how they fell into a long-term commitment without even realizing it, how they are able to face and overcome all the trouble they stumble upon, simply considering their love is more important than everything else. Damien and Christo are destined to a wonderful life together and it was nice to read how they met and fell in love.

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