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Enough to Let You Go by Willa Okati

Will you do everything for love? Yes. Is the happiness of your lover more important of yours? Yes. Love sometimes is let him go? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Paul and Max were lovers. Very young lovers. They met in high school and soon after they became lovers. But when they were 23 years old, Max had the stars in his eyes, stars which leaded him far away from St Augustine, a little town in the Northern England, and from Paul, and to London and its theathers.

And Paul has no courage to leave his quiet life and follows his lover and so he let him go. He keep going to say to himself that he has done it for love. But he keep going to see his lover in every man he try to love afterward. And Max sometimes shows himself at his doorstep and reawakens a fire that never is dead. For twenty years. They will find their happily ever after together?

I like Paul? I don't know. Why he has not left everything and follows his lover? And years after, when he has admitted he can't love no one else, why he still continues to refuse him? And why he come to terms quite too late? For love. Love makes take you the right choice but even the wrongest too. When love blind you, you lost your track and can't see the right path in front of you.

And Max? happy-to-go and careless Max. Who thinks to have all the answers, and they are all wrong. Who judges himself not worthy of Paul's love. And who doesn't understand that he is all for Paul.

Paul and Max make big mistakes. And hardly correct them. But they were young and had all the world in front of them. When they are old they understand that the world could be a piece of land in a remote town, if you have love. And all this tale is about one only thing: LOVE.


Amazon Kindle: Enough to Let You Go
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (September 25, 2007)
Tags: author: willa okati, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: show business

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