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Man Candy... it's a Party!

So I was out for a bit (lot of travels and other things...) and I missed some updates from Dylan Rosser (sorry!!!). But I saved ALL the wonderful guys he sent me, and I decided tonight we are having a party! So please enjoy Dylan's stunning work, plus some new collaboration on his website (www.TheMaleForm.net), and to close the post with a BOOM, the new tMF magazine!

Dylan presents a full frontal exclusive with model Louis in NYC.



From photographer Ethan James we have Rafael who is a makeup artist from Miami.



New contributor to the site, JayBee brings us Pete, a 34 year old designer from Seattle.



Fashion photographer Joe McCormick tries his hand at some nudes with Yves, a beautiful model from South Africa.



Yours truly Dylan adds a new set of model Bassili who he shot in Miami last year.



Michael Andrew brings us sexy young model Vaughn. He is only 19 years old and from Ohio. He has piercing blue eyes and a huge... talent shall we say.


Dylan presents Kevin, who he shot in NYC a couple of months back. Sexy and masculine, but with a sweetness in his eyes. Totally adorable.


Always by Dylan is Sam O (I'm partial of him, love the skin tone!), who he shot in London at the beginning of the year. Dylan met him at his book launch party in London and he seemed keen to shoot and get naked for him. He had not done nude before. His pale complexion makes a nice change from the usual bronzed bodies on the site. He is a personal trainer and in great shape.

Sam O.

Another model by Dylan, Aiden, who he photographed in Chicago last year. He has an amazing butt and great blue eyes. Aiden is the last of the "Chicago" boys Dylan added to the site.


Also from Dylan is a more recent shoot he did in Barcelona. Robby is not the usual beefcake model but he has great definition and a huge... asset.


Dylan also added the Benjamin Godfre shoot from the 3rd issue of tMf Magazine to the site. He has a huge following and definitely knows how to work the camera. This was shot in LA last year.

Benjamin Godfre

Ethan James offers us Maxx who is a 24 year old hair stylist from Tennessee.


Rounding off the August content is 37 year old stud, Ethan, from Sydney shot by Paul Smollen, and Marco from Georgia by Gregory Adam.



And finally ISSUE 5 of tMF IS OUT NOW - 1st Anniversary Issue

The first anniversary issue is filled with over 150 man packed pages of some of the world’s hottest men! There is also a new, more refined look to the magazine to give even more focus to the images.

tMf cover model contest winner Kyle Goffney makes his full frontal debut in an sizzling California poolside shoot with Dylan Rosser, and interview with features editor Tye Briggs.

Kyle Goffney

Kyle Goffney

Also featured in the issue; an interview with New York photographer Kevin McDermott with images of model and designer Todd Sanfield from his new book Motel/Hotel. Tye Briggs profiles one of the masters documenting the male form, artist and photographer Robert J. Guttke. Check out the incredible 20 page portfolio of Guttke’s incredible work.

by Robert J. Guttke

Also included in the anniversary outing, photographers Ethan James, Travers W. Dow, Eduardo Velasquez, James Ferringer, Mark Jenkins new series Reflections and so much more!

by Ethan James

by Travers W. Dow

by Eduardo Velasquez

by James Ferringer

by Mark Jenkins

by Komar

By bringing the best together in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the best of the male form. tMf is almost a ‘coffee table book’ within itself, with beautifully presented hi-resolution images and fun, behind the scenes information you need to know. tMf provides a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure to a wider audience while providing viewers with a publication showcasing the best of the best.

ISSUE #5 is out now and priced at just $5.45.
Start the summer off by enjoying the male form!
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