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Waide Aaron Riddle (born August 15, 1963)

Waide Aaron Riddle was born on August 15, 1963, in Kingsville, Texas. Raised in Houston, Texas, Riddle eventually moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a barber and in various jobs in the entertainment industry. Beginning in the mid-1990s, Riddle began writing poetry and short stories. His first poem, "Two Men Kissing," won the National Author's Registry Honorable Mention in 1996 and the Registry's President's Award in 1997. Riddle went on to self-publish two books of poetry: All-American Texan, in 1999, and The Chocolate Man: A Children's Horror Tale, in 2002. In addition, his short stories and articles have been published in anthologies and magazines, and he has won a number of awards in poetry competitions.

As of June 2008, he continues to live in West Hollywood, California.

As a boy, Waide was an extremely slow learner. Academically, he often fell behind his other classmates and was eventually separated into 'Slower Learner' classrooms and education. More often than not, he failed his studies. In fact, his teachers would purposely 'push' him through his classes with a 'C' or 'D' just to pass him and move him on to the next grade level.
Waide went through Kindergarten twice. He failed First and repeated that. Teachers encouraged his parents to repeat the Third grade, as well , but, because of his age, they refused and ushered in continual tutoring during the evenings. His weakness in the academia was obvious and continued to shadow him all the way through elementary, middle and high school...

But, as the elders say, "It's not where you start, it's where you finish..."

His educators noticed a specific strength. He tended to excel in spelling, creative writing and poetry.

He had a vivid and wild imagination and his mother saw this and only encouraged him every step of the way to utilize it and NEVER censor it. His mother, Gloria T. Riddle, a prodigy herself, in music and art, was his biggest moral supporter. She understood him like no one else...

Waide won his first professional competition in 1996. The National Author's Registry awarded him Honorable Mention for his poem Two Men Kissing. In 1997, the N.A.R. awarded him its President's Award for the same poem. Since then, Two Men Kissing has been published in numerous literary journals through out the world and on the web. You may also view the short film on Youtube.

That same year Waide was the recipient of the Certificate Of Achievement: Excellence In Poetry by the prestigious Amherst Foundation of Boston. This award was presented to him for his poem Grandmother.

In 1999 Waide self- published his first book of poetry under the title All- American Texan. Many of its poems are archived in the permanent collections of the Simon Wiesenthal Center/ Museum Of Tolerance in Beverly Hills.

In 2002 the California State Poetry Society awarded him Third Place for his poem Lost Hills, CA. On the heels of that award, the CSPS Newsletter published his poem Blackraven. It was now time for a second book, Waide self- published his acclaimed children's story The Chocolate Man: A Children's Horror Tale. Since the publishing, TCM has been performed and theatrically read to children of all ages, including university levels. The Wonder Of Reading Program has been one of its many sponsors. Waide also produced a story CD to accompany the book.

In 2005, he hooked his first bona fide literary sale. Alyson Books published his short story, Lovers Morning Hold, in the anthology, Best Gay Love Stories 2005. That same year, the California State Poetry Society Newsletter published his haunting Halloween poem The Wedding Of The Dead.

In 2007 he made TOP 10 Finalist #7 in the Seattle Erotic Art & Literary Festival: Poetry Division for his sensual poem Timing Is Everything. In 2008 his screenplay Red River County was chosen one of the TOP 10 Screenplays That 'Should' Be Produced at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner Filmmaker's Workshop. In 2009 the California State Poetry Society awarded him with Honorable Mention for his poem I Dreamt Of Rain. He also self- published his third book Red River County From Short Story To Screenplay.

In 2010 the Independent Filmmaker Project/ New York City (a 501(c) 3 arts charity) www.ifp.org approved two of Waide's film projects for Fiscal Sponsorship.

Source: http://www.waideriddle.com/

Further Readings:

All-American Texan by Waide Aaron Riddle
Paperback: 139 pages
Publisher: Pine Hill Pr (June 18, 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1575791595
ISBN-13: 978-1575791593
Amazon: All-American Texan

A collection of Gay poetry with cross over appeal to a broader audience. Included are several award winning poems and works displayed in the Simon Weisenthal Center Library/Museum of Tolorance, and the University of Southern California Gay and Lesbian Archives and Library.
Tags: author: waide aaron riddle, gay classics, persistent voices

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