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Around the World: Singapore (Wedding Dresses from the V&A Museum)

And for my history buff friends, I think you will love these dresses...

Wedding Dress with Detachable Sleeves, 1828, Britain, and White Muslim Dress and Cape, 1834, Britain.

Eliza, wife of the 6th Baron Monson (1807-63), about 1828, by William Egley (1798-1870), England. She was wearing the first of the two wedding dresses on display for her marriage.

Society Wedding Dress, 1933, Norman Hartnell (1901-69), London.

Cotton Print Wedding Dress, 1841, Britain, & Cream Silk Wedding Dress, 1841, Britain.

Wedding Dress and Lace Vei, 1864-65, Britain, & Lace Veil with Orange-Blossom Wreath, about 1850, Devon, England.

Wedding Dress and Orange-Blossom Wreath, 1857, Britain.

Frock Coat and Trousers, 1870-71, Ireland, & Quaker Wedding Dress, 1874, London.

Steam-Moulded Wedding Corset, 1883, Edwin Izod (about 1825-87), Portsea, Britain.

Dress Trimmed with Artificial Pearls, 1880, Paris & Wedding Veil, 1880-83, Belgium.

Wedding Dress, 1885, Gladman & Womack, London, & Lace Cap and Veil, 1890-93, Brussels, Belgium.

Silk Waistcoat with Silver Thread, 1845, Britain, & Embroidered Waistcoat, 1848, Britain, & Methodist Wedding Waistcoat, 1853, Britain.

Bridesmaid's Fan, 1854, Britain

Liberty's Wedding Dress and Train, 1906-08, Liberty & Co. Ltd, London.

Beaded Dress and Train, 1914, Aida Woolf (1886-1967), London.

Printed Dress, 1928, Liberty & Co. Ltd, London, & Gold Velvet Dress, 1927, Britain.

Nightdress from a Bride's Trousseau (Marriage Items), 1913, Probably by Lucile (1862-1935), London or Paris, & Camisole, 1932, Hermine Ltd, London.

Underslip, 1938, Handmade by an itinerant seamstress, Britain, & Bride's Garter,1921-22, Lucile (1862-1935), London.

Dress with Orange-Blossom Choker, 1934, Charles James (1906-78), London, & Wedding Shoes, 1935, Jack Jacobus, London.

Red Wedding Dress, 1938, Britain, & Hat Trimmed with Ribbon and Pearls, 1946, Paulette (1900-84), Paris, & Top Hat, 1930-31, Lincoln Bennett & Co., London.

Wartime Dress made of Curtain Fabric, 1941, Ella Dolling (1906-96), London.

Embroidered Wedding Dress, 1951, Norman Harnell (1901-79), London.

"Lamborghini" Trouser Suit, 1969, Ossie Clark (1942-96) and Celia Birtwel (born 1941), London, & "Rajputan" Coat, 1970-71, Richard Cawley (born 1947) for Bellville Sassoon Autumn/Winter collection, London.

Dress Printed with Waves and Palms, 1976, Zandra Rhodes (born 1940), London, & Dress with Celtic Scrollwork, 1969, Jean Muir (1928-95), London

Wedding Hat, 1975, Frank Clive, United States.

Frock Coat and Trousers, 1967-68, Mr. Fish, London, & Full-Length Dress and Headdress, 1963, Jacques Heim (1899-1967), made under licence by R L Salmon, London.

Maxi Wedding Coat,1968, Bellville et Cie, London, & Minidress and Coat, 1966, John Bates (born 1938) for his Jean Varon label, London.
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