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Rainbow Awards: State of Art

2 days to the end of eligibility period (August 31), 2 weeks to the end of submissions period (September 15), I don't think number will change much and so, we can finally say that YES, this year Rainbow Awards will be a HUGE event:

- more than 400 submissions, more than 300 Gay books, almost 100 Lesbian books and 30 Bisexual and Transgender books.

- surprise, surprise, most submitted genre is Sci-Fi/Fantasy (61), following Contemporary General Fiction (54), tie with Erotic Romance (54), and then Romance (53), Mystery/Thriller (51), Paranormal/Horror (46), Historical (31), Young Adult/Coming of Age (29), Erotica (20) and Non Fiction (19).

- I have 147 judges reading books right now, in 4 continents.

- There are 30 self-published authors and 60 debut novels and 63 different publishers.

- Plus we skimmd 2.400 covers for the Cover Contest section of the Awards.

Really, really HUGE!
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