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Rainbow Awards: Evolution

So, Aleksandr Voinov (vashtan) asked if I was able to estimate what was the Rainbow Awards's evolution from 2009 to today, 2012... and being the maniac I'm, I saved all my spreadsheet and so of course I can.

Here are some number for your enjoyment:

Screenshot - 29_08_2012 , 20_25_25

the second year we had in increase of submissions of more than 100% (more than double), after that, the increase rate was of 40% each year.

Screenshot - 29_08_2012 , 20_26_02

Screenshot - 29_08_2012 , 20_26_19

there is for sure an increase in the "Alternative Reality" categories like Paranormal/Horror and Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Mystery/Thriller too. Due to the too much generic category "Romance" this year we splitted it into Romance, Erotic Romance and Erotica, and indeed now it's a more equal distribution. In any case, all categories saw an increase in submissions.

Screenshot - 29_08_2012 , 20_26_35

Screenshot - 29_08_2012 , 20_26_47

There is without doubt a trend in the increasement, unfortunately, Bisexual/Transgender is still struggling, and I cannot, how I'd like, split it into Bisexual AND Transgender, they would probably not reach the mimimum submission limit. Lesbian so a little stop in increasement between this and last year, and in any case is still far from the Gay category. I tried many time to involve Lesbian publishers and authors, I have part of the Jury that is only reading Lesbian novels, but aside from Bold Strokes Books, Lesbian submissions did see a reduction in the increasing trend this year, even if, in any case, are more than 2011.

If you'd like more insight in the numbers, please ask, and discussion is open if you want to share your thoughts.
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