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Brothers Without Borders by Leiland Dale

I have contrasting feelings about this novella. First of all it’s an incest story, two male brothers falling in love at a very young age; for most part of the story, I was almost thinking the author would have found a way to “lighten” the bond, maybe having one of the two brothers being an adopted one, but no, they decide to playing “straight” (no pun intended) with the plot, and remaining “faithful” to the incest theme. Truth be told, I’m not totally comfortable with an incest story, on a scale between 1 to 10, I would say 8, meaning that I leave that 2 ranges of perplexity, but said that, I’m not the one to shy away to a story only since it has an incest theme.

Maybe some of the uncomfortable vibes came from the two brothers being really young, barely legal. They are both in college, 2 years of difference between them, but they are really naïve, especially Hunter, the older one. Truly I had the feeling that Avery, even if younger and smaller, was the one with the power in the relationship; Hunter is really a “big baby”, strong in body, but still with some growing to do on an emotional side. Avery instead gave me the feeling of being more “complete” from an emotional point of view, with his plan for the future already set.

And now the “sore” point: I really didn’t like the final ménage; sure these are boys in college, still with all the world to experiment in front of them, and the ménage was almost “friendly”, like boys playing, but still, to me, it felt like it was not necessary. Said that, I also read another review about the sequel on this same novella in which the reviewer was complaining the ménage in that one was not enough developed ;-) so, you see, it’s really all relative.


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Tags: author: leiland dale, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: college, theme: twincest, theme: virgins

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