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Shifting Perspectives by T.A. Chase, Fiona Glass & Emily Veinglory

Of the three stories, that of T.A. Chase is the longer, but this not means that the other two are not worthy.

Understanding Forgiveness by T.A. Chase: Mason is a snow leopard shifter, makes into it from a nut scientist, who amuses himself creating all the genre of shapeshifter he could do. Heinrich is the son of the scientist, himself an expertiment of the madness of his father. Mason is not used to trust people, and when he meets Heinrich and the other shifters the man tries to help escaping the clutches of his father, he reacts with skepticism. A very interesting story, but I have the impression it could be far more long: the story and the events T.A. Chase ignites are too vivid to burn in only fifty ages.

Feathered Friend by Fiona Glass: shifting love in the England country side... Charlie breeds racing pigeons, and one night he finds a stranger pigeon among hims. When he brings him at home the pigeon shifts in a very attractive and young man, Avery. Avery is willing to play with Charlie, but Charlie fears to lose his new lover and steals his feathers. Will Charlie learns that to have for real Avery he needs to set him free? I like the setting of this story, very warm and cozy, lile homemade biscuits and hot tea in a cold winter.

The Rat Burglar by Emily Veinglory: OK this is a very original shapershifter story... if you don't like rats, you can't read this one, cause Rudy, our shapeshifter, is not a rat-shifter but way more... he shifts in a whole bunch of rats... Sandy is a guardian in the musuem where Rudy wants to steal an ancient japanese piece that maybe can reveal him his origin. Despite his work, Sandy is a quiet man, with gentle manner and pensitive behaviour. The story is a mix of Family Addams horror and romance. Very unusual but really interesting.

The M/M romance Aspen Mountain Press anthologies seem to be one better than the other. In this one we have a trio of very talented authors who will not disappoint you.


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Tags: author: emily veinglory, author: fiona glass, author: t.a. chase, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: shapeshifters

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