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Event: Coming Out Day novels by Loose ID

For all September month, Loose ID is releasing a series of novel about Coming Out. It's in honor of Coming Out Day.

This week releases is:

Ash Penn
Genre: LGBT; Contemporary
Length: Novel
Price: $5.99

Closeted eighteen-year-old Steve Chiverton’s fantasy boyfriend is Beau Mason, a quiet and reserved older man who lives on the edge of the village. A man who barely knows Steve exists. Amateur artist Beau’s fantasy is Rick Angell, international rock star and the fuel of many an erotic dream. Temptation is the hottest club in town, and Steve’s there looking for a boyfriend who can tear down his walls of secrecy. Beau’s there too, looking for indiscriminate sex to ease the pain of a broken relationship. When Beau suffers a minor asthma attack, Steve sees his chance to play rescuer and jumps at the chance to escort his fantasy home. The sex they enjoy is more intense than Steve’s virginal imagination could ever have supplied. Beau is everything he could want in a boyfriend and far more besides. The unexpected arrival of Beau’s ex-lover sends Steve’s dream-come-true crashing around his ears. How can he possibly compete for Beau affections with Rick Angell, world famous rock star, public heterosexual and bedroom user of Beau’s affections and body?

To read an excerpt, visit: http://www.loose-id.com/snowflake.html

And the rest of the month--

September 18
How to Quit Playing Hockey (Coming Out)
Scandal Fever (Coming Out)
Your Biggest Fan (Coming Out)

September 25
Scrambling (Coming Out)
White Knuckled Moments (Coming Out)
Wanting it All (Coming Out)

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