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Louisiana003Here are the newest special calls for Torquere along with final calls for the Halloween and Zombie calls

It's hard to think of Halloween with all this deep summer heat going on, but it'll be here before we know it! And we're going to have a Halloween Sip Extravaganza on October 31st.

The theme of Halloween is extremely wide open -- it can be paranormal or fantasy/urban fantasy, it can be contemporary focused on October 31, call it Halloween or Samhain. As long as there is some element to tie your story to the general theme of Halloween it fits. Humans, demons, angels, vampires, elves, werewolves, shifters of all kinds, fairies, whatever otherworldly creature you can think of -- they're all welcome here.

Word count is 3000 to 8000 words. Deadline for submissions is September 20, 2012. Please send all submissions to submissions@torquerepress.com with Halloween Sip in the subject line. For formatting questions or other content questions, please refer to our general guidelines, here:http://torquerepress.com/submissions.html

Zombie stories are hot right now... and here at Torquere Press we think they could be even hotter! Get your delicious brains churning, and give us your unique, zombie-themed love stories! Is your hero a zombie-slayer -- or is he in love with one? Maybe your hero is desperately searching for a cure to
save an infected loved one. Maybe he's the one making the zombies in the first place. Maybe he's even a zombie himself!

These are the stories we want to showcase in "He Loves Me for My Brainsss", a new anthology of sexy, romantic m/m stories about men finding love in the face of a zombie crisis. All settings and heat ratings are welcome, but we're looking for strong characters in fully realized, happy-ending stories with a little more zing to them than the "survivors meet and fall in love" stock standard. Note: While it is true that the undead can be sexy, and it is also true that part of the fun of zombies is their gross-out factor, we ask that you avoid combining these two elements directly, in order to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Any word count from 5000 words and up is welcome, no stories shorter than the minimum please. Stories should be sent to submission@torquerepress.com with Brainsss Anthology in the subject line. Deadline for submission is October 1, 2012 for a projected January 2013 publication. Stories will be contracted for first time print and electronic rights, and payment will be $50.00 US plus contributor copies. Please see our general submission guidelines for how to format your submission.

Just like Masks Off! this anthology starts with a masquerade. That's where things diverge, though. Masks Off Too will focus on the same themes of mystery, seduction, reveal, only this time beneath that extra layer are vampires!

Stories for Masks Off Too! should be sexy, romantic male/male tales where at least one partner is a vampire, and may include light BDSM, though that is not a necessary element. Stories should be between 5000 and 12000 words long, and should be submitted in full with a synopsis and author biography.

Send submissions to submissions@torquerepress.com with Masks Off Too! in the subject line. Payment is a $50.00 flat fee for first time electronic and print rights for three years, and a print copy of the book. No reprints, please. Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2012 for February 2013
(mardi gras!) publication.

Like your short stories with a little bondage, dominance, spanking, or submission? So do we! In fact, we like BDSM play stories so much that we’re giving them their own category. Tales of Leather will be a part of our Sip short story line, but will be guaranteed to bring on all the hot BDSM action that readers crave with a new Sip line cover that will reflect the content. Please follow Sip guidelines for submission, stories should be sent to submission@torquerepress.com with Tales of Leather in your email subject line.
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