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LGBT Ebook and Print Releases Ottobre, 2012

137 Owens Street by DC Juris (Breathless Press)
3 by Jacob Z. Flores (Dreamspinner Press)
A Bat out of Hell by Gale Stanley (Silver Publishing)
A Collection of Corpses by Levi Creston
A Day and a Night in West Hollywood: A Novella by C. Alcuin Becket
A Grimoire for the Baron by Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont (Dreamspinner Press)
A Life of Experience by Alan Phillips
A Rookie Move by Sam B. Morgan (Loose ID)
A Spirit of Love by Morticia Knight (Total-e-Bound)
A Strange and Separate People by Jon Marans (Chelsea Station Editions)
A Trip to Hell: Book 2 A new Life (Volume 2) by Phillip Lesbirel
Aaron by J.P. Barnaby (Dreamspinner Press)
Adult Libations / Les libations adultes by Mark Sutherland Simpson
All Alone in a Sea of Romance by B.G. Thomas (Dreamspinner Press)
All or Nothing by Caitlin Ricci (Silver Publishing)
All That Glitters by Ashley Quinn
Almost Heaven by Susan X Meagher
Always Hope by Lisa Worrall
Americano: Growing up Gay and Latino in the USA by Emanuel Xavier
Amethysts of Wisdom 1 (Gemstone Chronicles) by Serena Yates (Silver Publishing)
An Ignited Passion (Volume 9) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
An Unconventional Courtship by Scotty Cade (Dreamspinner Press)
Angel Elegy by Jaime Samms (Dreamspinner Press)
As Long As You're Mine by Brien Michaels (Loose ID)
Assaracus Issue 08: A Journal of Gay Poetry by Bryan Borland
Atmosphere, Mood, Stimmung: On a Hidden Potential of Literature by Hans Gumbrecht and Erik Butler
Autumn Quest by Serena Yates (Total-e-Bound)
Avenger by Jambrea Jo Jones (Total-e-Bound)
Bad Moon Rising by DC Juris (Breathless Press)
Bear Skin by Barry Lowe
Beauty in the Breakdown by E. L. Esch (Loose ID)
Benson at Sixty by Michael Carson
Bewitched at the Pumpkin Patch (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck) by Jackie Nacht (eXtasy Books)
Big, Bad & Dead by Levi Creston
Blood Games: Talent Scout by Darcy Abriel (Amber Quill Press)
Blood-Hound: Roasted, Number in Series: 3, by Declan Sands (Changeling Press)
Body Drift: Butler, Hayles, Haraway (Posthumanities) by Arthur Kroker
Bonds of Death by Ana Bosch (Dreamspinner Press)
Bone: Slip of the Tongue by ID Locke (Torquere Books)
Breaking the Shackles (The Dragon's Hoard) by Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
Burnished by Fire by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
But For You by Mary Calmes (Dreamspinner Press)
Butcher's Sugar by Brad Richard
By A Thread by L. A. Witt (Amber Quill Press)
By Cecile (Femmes Fatales) by Tereska Torrès
Call Me Sir Too by Stormy Glenn (Noble Romance Publishing)
Carved In Wood by Sean Michael (Amber Quill Press)
Catching a Bit of Irish (Wolves of Stone Ridge) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
Chaos (The Lost Gods) by Megan Derr (Less Than Three Press)
Coffee Cake by Kiterie Aine
Compulsion by Clare London (Dreamspinner Press)
Conduct Unbecoming by L.A. Witt (Samhain Publishing)
Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth: How a Gay Child was Saved From Religion by Scott Terry (Lethe Press)
Crash Stop by Mary Griggs
Crazy in Love by Julia Talbot (Torquere Books)
Crow and Firefly by Sam C. Leonhard (Dreamspinner Press)
cry, baby by Michael Moye
Cupid Knows Best by S.A. Garcia (Dreamspinner Press)
Cyber Scavenge (Red Line Underground), Number in Series: 1, by Cheryl Dragon (Changeling Press)
Dancing to the end of love by Mr James F Fisher
Dark Court: Monte's Marines by Stormy Glenn (Noble Romance Publishing)
Dark Horror (Horror, Dark and Lite) by Anel Viz (Silver Publishing)
Dark Sorcerer Threatening by Damian Serbu
Dark Waters by Chris Quinton (Silver Publishing)
Dealing with the Dead (The Thompson Agency) by Toni Griffin (Silver Publishing)
Delaplaine's 2013 Guide to Fort Lauderdale by Andrew Delaplaine
Delaplaine's 2013 Guide to Walt Disney World & Orlando by Andrew Delaplaine
Desire: Tales of New Orleans by William Sterling Walker (Chelsea Station Editions)
Devil in the Details by Tracy Rowan (Silver Publishing)
Devil's Night by S.L. Armstrong, K. Piet, Alina Ray and Azalea Moone (Storm Moon Press)
Dex in Blue by Amy Lane (Dreamspinner Press)
Dishonest Hearts by Jessica Walden
DiverCity Book 1 Jim & Larry (Volume 1) by Randy Bailey
Don't Try This at Home (Dreamspinner Press)
Doomed Grooms: Gay and Bisexual Husbands in Straight Marriages by Bonnie Kaye
Double Pleasure, Double Pain by Nikki Rashan
Double Up by Lissa Matthews (Loose ID)
Dressing to Deceive: A Gathering of Poems by C. Alcuin Becket
Echoes of My Lips by Michael Harding and Brian D Gryphon
Enter At Your Own Risk: Fires and Phantoms by Alex Scully
Esau by Bailey Bradford (Total-e-Bound)
Ethan's Earl: The Wilgrin Chronicles by Vicktor Alexander
Fall Down the Mountain by P.D. Singer (Dreamspinner Press)
Falling for Rain by Susan Laine (Dreamspinner Press)
Family Jewels by Kate Christie
Feminisms Matter: Debates, Theories, Activism by Victoria L. Bromley
Feminist Theory Out of Science (Special Issue of Differences) by Sophia Roosth, Astrid Schrader and Lynda J. Jentsch
Finding Michelle (Volume 1) by Ella Sandwell
Flight by Renee MacKenzie
For the Love of and For the Love of (Verse Two) by Gregory Kelley
Forever Wicked: Savage Protector, Number in Series: 11, by Megan Slayer (Changeling Press)
Frame of Reference by Christopher Stone (MLR Press)
Full by A.J. Llewellyn (Total-e-Bound)
Gateway to Heaven: Fifty Years of Lesbian and Gay Oral History by Clare Summerskill
Ghosts in the Wind by Marguerite Labbe (Dreamspinner Press)
Gleams of a Remoter World by Fiona Glass (Riptide Publishing)
Groundswell: Grassroots Feminist Activism in Postwar America by Stephanie Gilmore
Guide For The Modern Bear by Travis Smith and Chris Bale
Gulliver Takes Five by Justin Luke Zirilli
Haight Street by rachel Corday
Hail Storm by D.J. Manly (Total-e-Bound)
Half Blind by Christine Price (Samhain Publishing)
Halloween Heat M/M by Various
Hard Knocks U by habu
Harvested by Alex Morgan
Heartwood by Emily Carrington (Loose ID)
Heiresses of Russ 2012: The Year's Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction (Lethe Press)
Hold Tight: Willow Springs Ranch (Volume 2) by Laura Harner
Home Work by Kaje Harper (MLR Press)
Honey Let Me Tell You Too: Back Down Memory Lane by R.L. Norman
Hooch and Howls by Karenna Colcroft (MLR Press)
Horror Lite (Horror, Dark and Lite) by Anel Viz (Silver Publishing)
Hotel Pens by Geoffrey Knight (Dreamspinner Press)
How to Raise an Honest Rabbit by Amy Lane (Dreamspinner Press)
Human After All by Connie Bailey (Dreamspinner Press)
Idle Threats: Men and the Limits of Productivity in Nineteenth Century America (America and the Long 19th Century) by Andrew Lyndon Knighton
If You Really Loved Me by Emma Cantons
In Varying States of Disgrace by Lilith Duvalier (Dreamspinner Press)
Infected: Lesser Evils by Andrea Speed (Dreamspinner Press)
Inner Sanctuary: Book Three of the Sanguire (Sanguire 3) by D. Jordan Redhawk
Into the fire: Don't believe anything you read by James Collins
Jess's Journey by SJD Peterson (Dreamspinner Press)
Judging Jager (Moon Pack) by Amber Kell (Silver Publishing)
Just a Casual Thing by Scarlet Blackwell (Total-e-Bound)
Keeping Dallas by Amber Kell (Total-e-Bound)
Kiss Me, Straight by Michael P. Thomas
Ladyfish by Andrea Bramhall
Laughing Winds by Rose Christo
Leaving Martha (Volume 1) by Ella Sandwell
Lesbian Inscriptions in Francophone Society and Culture (Durham Modern Languages) by Renate Günther and Wendy Michallat
Lesser of Two Evils by J.M. Snyder (JMS Books)
Let It Go by Mercy Celeste (Liquid Silver Books)
Life Love & Lessons by Sapphic Memory
Lightning Rod by Vaughn R. Demont (Samhain Publishing)
Locke And Blade by Lynn Lorenz (Amber Quill Press)
Locke, Stock and Barrel by Devon Rhodes (Total-e-Bound)
Lord of Endersley (Volume 1) by S.A. Meade
Losing It by Nick Chivers (Dreamspinner Press)
Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Love Lies Bleeding by Janis Hetherington
Love Match by Ali Vali
Love Me as I am: Gay Men Reflect on Their Lives by Francois Lubbe, Ade Adeniji and Darren Brady
Loving Him by Diana DeRicci (MLR Press)
Making Ends Meet by K. Piet, S.L. Armstrong and Diana Callinger (Storm Moon Press)
Making Modern Love: Sexual Narratives and Identities in Interwar Britain (Sexuality Studies) by Lisa Z. Sigel
Malicious Objects, Anger Management, and the Question of Modern Literature by Jörg Kreienbrock
Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva
Mariposa Gown by Rigoberto Gonzalez (Lethe Press)
Measure of Strength by Caethes Faron
Men in Eden: William Drummond Stewart and Same-Sex Desire in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade by William Benemann
MIA Case Files: Craving by K.C. Burn (Loose ID)
Midnight 13 by Daz James
Moonshine by Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga (Torquere Books)
More Meat by Tanner
Morgan's Treasure by Jet MacLeod
My Alicen by Dominick Mcdonald and Dawn Wood
My Eternal Love by Stormy Glenn (Noble Romance Publishing)
My Regelence Rake by J.L. Langley (Samhain Publishing)
My Stepfather by James Orr
My Trip to Motown by Steven Kerry (JMS Books)
Nice People (Volume 1) by Mr Jonathan Gregory
Night Shadows: Queer Horror by Greg Herren and J. M. Redmann
Nightwalker by A. J. Llewellyn (Amber Quill Press)
No Going Home by T.A. Chase (Total-e-Bound)
No Shadows Fall by L.J. LaBarthe (Dreamspinner Press)
Not to Reason Why by Mark R. Probst (Cheyenne Publishing)
Nothing to Forgive by DC Juris (MLR Press)
Occasions of Sin by Elena Graf
On Making Sense: Queer Race Narratives of Intelligibility (Stanford Studies in Comparative Race and) by Ernesto Javier Martinez
One Touch by L.T. Marie
One True Thing by Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea (Dreamspinner Press)
Out in Paperback by Ian Young (MLR Press)
Party Favor by Melinda Barron (Loose ID)
Pavarus by Jennifer Wright (Total-e-Bound)
Performing Queer Latinidad: Dance, Sexuality, Politics (Triangulations: Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theater/Drama/Perfor... by Ramon H. Rivera-Servera
Phallic Worship: World-Wide and Centuries Long by Allen Mack (JMS Books)
Pine Tar & Sweet Tea by Kerry Freeman (Loose ID)
Play Dead (Barking Orders) by Mathilde Watson (Silver Publishing)
Political Paramours: Notorious Women Who Made Their Mark on History by Lisa C. Wagner
Portal to Eden by Tinnean (JMS Books)
Power Play: Resistance (Volume 1) by Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant (Riptide Publishing)
Private Dicks: Undercovers by Holly Rinna-White, Alison Bailey, Megan Derr and E.E. Ottoman (Less Than Three Press)
Private Dicks: Undercovers by Samantha M Derr
Push by Sara York (Silver Publishing)
Push Comes to Shove by J.L. O'Faolain (Dreamspinner Press)
Pushing The Envelope: With Love by Kim Dare (Amber Quill Press)
Queer Activism in India: A Story in the Anthropology of Ethics by Naisargi Dave
Queer Cinema: Schoolgirls, Vampires, and Gay Cowboys (Short Cuts) by Barbara Mennel
Queer Fish: Volume 2 by Margarita Bezdomnya and Rose Mambert
Ragnar the Just by Lily Byrne
Reenacting by W.M. Kirkland (Loose ID)
Rent by Rick R. Reed (MLR Press)
Resilience (Volume 5) by Bailey Bradford
Rethinking Chicana/ O and Latina/ O Popular Culture by Daniel Enrique Pérez
Return to Destiny by Vona Logan (Silver Publishing)
Risk of Change by Kathleen Collins
Rock Stars and Size Queens, a Velvet Glove story by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Rose and Thorne: Every Rose Has His Thorne, Number in Series: 1, by Sean Michael (Changeling Press)
Rough Ride: Sequel to Cowboy Blues by G. A. Hauser
Rowing in Eden by Annette De Burgh
Royal BLU (Volume 1) by Feral Kitty, Roxanne Frashefski and Poet) DaRuddest Jones
Rush: Book Two: California Nights by CJ Reid
Santuario by G.B. Gordon (Riptide Publishing)
Sappho/Bliss: Homoerotic Poetry from Ancient & Victorian Times by Sappho
Say a Little Prayer by Clare London (Less Than Three Press)
Second Chances by T.A. Webb (Dreamspinner Press)
Secret Societies by William Holden
Seeking Hyde by Max Griffin (Dreamspinner Press)
Selling Mars by Rae Gee (Torquere Books)
Shane's Inner Anger (Lost Shifter) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Shattered Hearts by Nikki McCoy (Silver Publishing)
Signal to Noise by Talya Andor (Less Than Three Press)
Snow by Pelaam (Silver Publishing)
Something Like Winter by Jay Bell
South Africa's Top Sites: Gay and Lesbian by Philip Harrison
Spanish Heart by Rachel Spangler
Spirits of Desire: A Parisian Romance Between a Heathen and His Priest by Frank Browning
Spit and Passion (Blindspot Graphics) by Cristy C. Road
Splintered Lies (In The Shadow Of The Wolf) by Diane Adams and RJ Scott (Silver Publishing)
Starfish and Coffee by Kele Moon (Loose ID)
Summer Camp by James Orr
Summer Heat by Lisa Worrall
Sweet Nod: A Jane Sweet Mystery by Tammy Whaley
Swimming with Penguins (Kontra's Menagerie) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
Tales of Love and Hate: A Collection of Stories by Oliver Grant
Taming Sweet Puck by Jackie Nacht (eXtasy Books)
The AAA Bathhouse:from fathers to sons by Anthony Hawkins
The Binding: A Matter of Timing by Leora Stark (Dreamspinner Press)
The Blondness of Honey by T.T. Thomas
The Book of Eleanor by Nat Burns
The Buchanan Letters by Neil Plakcy (MLR Press)
The Choice: A story of change and acceptance. A story of love. by Russell Coray
The Closer You Get by L. A. Witt (Samhain Publishing)
The Coil by L.A. Gilbert (Dreamspinner Press)
The Cross in the Closet by Timothy Kurek
The Cross of Sins (Fathom's Five) by Geoffrey Knight (Storm Moon Press)
The D in Drama by Christiana Harrell
The Drive by Derek Adams (eXtasy Books)
The Essential Gay Mystics by Andrew Harvey
The Fourth Quill by Toby Johnson and New (Lethe Press)
The Gravedigger's Brawl by Abigail Roux (Riptide Publishing)
The Harvest Wolf by Kelly Jacobs (eXtasy Books)
The Haunted Heart and Other Tales by Jameson Currier (Chelsea Station Editions)
The Homoerotic Photograph: Male Images from Durieu/Delacroix to Mapplethorpe (Between Men~Between Women: Lesbian and Gay Studies) by Allen Ellenzweig
The Hot Floor by Josephine Myles (Samhain Publishing)
The Last Thing I Saw by Richard Stevenson (MLR Press)
The Lava in My Bones by Barry Webster
The Law of Desire by Talia Carmichael (Dreamspinner Press)
The Navigators by Jackson Peoples-Rosenblatt
The Nick of Time by Francis King
The Paperboy Delivers by James Orr
The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek (Clumsy Cupids) by Piper Vaughn and Xara X. Xanakas (Less Than Three Press)
The Perfect Daughter by Cathryn E. Lokey
The Phantom by Wayne Mansfield
The Prince of Galerir by Anna Lee (MLR Press)
The Princeton Rugby Guy by David Kennedy Polanco
The Promiscuous Traveler by Sebastian V
The Raid by Lee Lynch
The Right Place to Jump (New Issues Poetry & Prose) by Peter Covino
The Road to Byron by Isabelle Rowan (Dreamspinner Press)
The Rosary and the Badge by Jerry Sacher (Dreamspinner Press)
The Second Phase by Alan Phillips
The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Deirdre O'Dare (Amber Quill Press)
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Fort Lauderdale by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Key West & The Florida Keys by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Las Vegas by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Miami & South Beach by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to San Francisco by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to South Beach by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Walt Disney World & Orlando by Jon Stapleton
The Survivors by Sean Eads (Lethe Press)
The Taste of Devotion (Volume 3) by Trina Lane
The Temperamentals by Jon Marans (Chelsea Station Editions)
The Threedom Saga : Chapter One by Mark A. McCarty
The Vanguard by T.A. Chase (Total-e-Bound)
Third Time Lucky by Morgan Lewis and Raelynn MacDonald (Silver Publishing)
This We Believe: The Christian Case for Gay Civil Rights by C.S. Pearce
Three Tricks, One Treat by D. J. Manly (Amber Quill Press)
Tigerland by Sean Kennedy (Dreamspinner Press)
Time To Be King by Carolina Valdez (Amber Quill Press)
Titan Prime by Mark Alders (eXtasy Books)
To Dream, Perchance to Live by Nessa L. Warin (Dreamspinner Press)
Too Many Chances by Lavinia Lewis (Total-e-Bound)
Tow Blow by William Maltese (MLR Press)
Tramps (Volume 2) by T.A. Chase
Transgressive Tales: Queering the Grimms (Fairy-Tale Studies) by Kay Turner and Pauline Greenhill
Tristan by K. M. Mahoney (Amber Quill Press)
Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons) by Lexi Ander (Silver Publishing)
Ty Hard: Willow Springs Ranch (Volume 1) by Laura Harner
Waiting by Sue Brown (Dreamspinner Press)
Waking Up Bear, and Other Stories by Jay Neal
Weird Science by M. Durango, Alexis Hall, Jade Astor and Elizabeth Brooks (Torquere Books)
Werewolves Can't Fly by Berengaria Brown (Torquere Books)
What Comes Around by Jameson Currier (Chelsea Station Editions)
When I Say When by Tia Fielding (Dreamspinner Press)
When Tatum Got Bit by the Spider (Lost Shifter) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Why the Star Stands Still (Volume 4) by Rose Christo
Wolf Moon by Vic Winter (Torquere Books)
Worth the Coming Home by Lisa M. Owens (Dreamspinner Press)
Yin and Yang by Edward Kendrick (Silver Publishing)
You're The One by Pepper Espinoza (Amber Quill Press)
Zephyr Ranch 1: Sea Change by Nessa Vincent (Loose ID)

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