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Man Candy Day: Dylan Rosser, Ethan James and Murray

Other than giving you a good start for the approaching weekend ;-) you can find also 4 wallpapers Dylan's so kindly layout for your very enjoyment! Dylan's wish is for to make use of these to brighten up your screen. These are free, and you don't need to be a member to download them. They are all 1920x1200 pixels, click on the image to download them.

October's contribution by Dylan Rosser to theMaleForm (www.themaleform.net) is model (and stripper), Romeo.


There is also an Full Frontal Exclusive from photographer Murray. He shot Gabe who has only ever done two shoots in his life and this is the first nude shoot.

Finally Ethan James is giving us a new model Brock.

Plus two more wallpapers, by Dylan Rosser (Aiden) and Ethan James (Chris and Justin):

Beginning of November sees the addition of 3 new models to theMaleForm (www.themaleform.net). We have the return of popular Bulgarian beefcake, Kaloyan. These shots were taken specifically for Dylan Rosser's coffee table book, NAKED, but did not make the final cut.


Also this month is another beautiful set from Ethan James featuring Leo, and Murray brings us an EXCLUSIVE first time full frontal from model JasonH.

Dylan has also decided to put together a diary/planner for 2013. He had just finished designing one when a friend told him that he would not be able to have full frontal nudity just laying around on his office desk, so he decided to do 2 versions. So the choice is yours. Both cost the same so it will be interesting to me which one is more popular?

That is all for now ;-) I think we have more than enough to fuel the weekend!
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