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Coffee and Porn in the Morning: Mix-It-Up Monday with me (NSFW)

I wrote a post for Coffee and Porn in the Morning (even if it's afternoon in Italy LOL), and joined force with Dylan who was so generous to give me 5 pictures by Ethan James and 5 pictures by himself. So if you want to read the post and see Dylan's gifts (ok, I know, you want to see Dylan's) go here:


and just to give you an idea, you will find:

- my post (ok, I need to promo that, even if you are not interested...)

- 5 pictures from Ethan James (an EXCLUSIVE for http://themaleform.net/. He got together with YouTube star Chris Crocker (remember “Leave Britney Alone”?) and his boyfriend Justin for a sexy and erotic shoot. These guys are just about to venture into porn and so it was good to get them before they start appearing all over the web):

- 5 pictures from Dylan Rosser (Forneus and Ryan had never met before their experience together in front of Dylan’s camera; Forneus lives in London, but is originally from South Africa; Ryan lives in Barcelona and he also appeared solo in front of Dylan’s camera, as you can see in a series dedicated to him on Dylan Rosser’s coffee table book, X-posed)


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