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1974 by Steven Kerry (JMS Books)
A Boy Toy for Christmas by Mark A. Roeder
A Fairy's Tale by G.O. Noce (Torquere Books)
A Game of Schemes (Volume 4) by T.C. Blue
A Long Day's Evening by Bilge Karasu, Aron Aji and Fred Stark
A Love Less Ordinary by Laura Newman
A Present for Daddy by J.M. Snyder (JMS Books)
A Shiny Tin Star by Jon Wilson (Cheyenne Publishing)
A Simple Revolution by Judy Grahn
A Slice of Love by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
A Strange and Separate People by Jon Marans (Chelsea Station Editions)
A Tale of Two Trucks by Thea Nishimori (Dreamspinner Press)
A Time to Gain, A Time to Lose by Edward Kendrick (Silver Publishing)
A Trip to Hell Book 3: Dave (Volume 3) by Phillip Lesbirel
Adult Libations: A Winter of Scandals (Interlingue Edition) by Mark Sutherland Simpson
After Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton
After the First Taste of Love by Salome Wilde and Talon Rihai (Storm Moon Press)
Aftermath by Ann McMan
Against Equality: Prisons Will Not Protect You by Dean Spade (Introduction) and Ryan Conrad
'Ailani: The Last Warrior by A.J. Llewellyn (Silver Publishing)
Almost Heaven by Susan X Meagher
An Immovable Solitude by S.A. McAuley (Silver Publishing)
An Improbable Wolf by Lavinia Lewis (Total-e-Bound)
Ascendance by Lissa Kasey (Dreamspinner Press)
Attitude on Wheels, a Velvet Glove story by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Autumn Leaves by Barbara Winkes
Back In His Baby's Arms by Helen Louise Caroll (Amber Allure)
Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore) by K A Mitchell (Samhain Publishing)
Bay Leaves and Bachelors by Ari McKay (Torquere Books)
Be My Bad Boy by Faolan Kurayami (Dreamspinner Press)
Beached Hearts by Scarlet Blackwell (Silver Publishing)
Beast Within the Maze by Mark Alders (eXtasy Books)
Beau And The Beast by Rick R. Reed (Amber Allure)
Beyond Innocence by Carsen Taite
Bikini's Are Dangerous The Complete Series by K'Anne Meinel
Binding Ties (The Bestiary) by Alessandra Ebulu (Less Than Three Press)
Black Magic by Megan Derr (Less Than Three Press)
Blame It on the Cats by E.T. Malinowski (Dreamspinner Press)
Blind Blondie by Scarlet Blackwell (Silver Publishing)
Blood Bound and Beautiful by Kierstin Cherry (Loose ID)
Bloodlines - The Quest by Jon McDonald
Blowing the Lid by Stuart Feather
Body Drift: Butler, Hayles, Haraway (Posthumanities) by Arthur Kroker
Book of Secrets (Oracle) by RJ Scott (Silver Publishing)
Box of Nails: This Old House by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Brand New Flavor by EM Lynley (Dreamspinner Press)
Breathe by Sloan Parker
Bridesmen of Madison County by Mark Thornton
Broken Wings, Part I, Number in Series: 1, by Stephanie Burke (Changeling Press)
Burning Bonds (The Bestiary) by Sasha L. Miller (Less Than Three Press)
Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza
By King's Order (The Bestiary) by Ann Anderson (Less Than Three Press)
Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Katie Porter (Samhain Publishing)
Candy From Strangers: A Gay Erotic Thriller by Joey Jameson
Catalyst by Claire Russett (Dreamspinner Press)
Cattle Valley: Second Chances by Carol Lynne (Total-e-Bound)
Champagne Bubbly by Jennifer Cierra (JMS Books)
Chances by Talia Carmichael (Dreamspinner Press)
Changeling Moon (Halloween Rentboys) by E.E. Ottoman (Less Than Three Press)
Changes (Volume 1) by Lorie Kay Frye
Cleanly Wrong (The Bestiary) by Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
Close Quarter by Anna Zabo (Loose ID)
Code Red by G. A. Hauser
Combustion by Daniel W. Kelly
Come Back to Eden and other stories by Julian Balfour (Dreamspinner Press)
Convention Confusion by Amber Kell (Total-e-Bound)
Convergence (Mother Earth) by Ally Blue (Samhain Publishing)
Coriolis: Distress Signal, Number in Series: 1, by Mychael Black (Changeling Press)
Counting Parakeets by H. Lewis-Foster (JMS Books)
Crimson Butterfly (Tokyo Host Club) by Shawn Bailey (Silver Publishing)
Crossroads by Radclyffe
Crucible of Fate by Mary Calmes (Dreamspinner Press)
crush by Miss Laura Susan Johnson
Darkest Hour by Anna Marie May (Silver Publishing)
Day of the Dead—A Romance by Erik Orrantia (Dreamspinner Press)
Depression: A Public Feeling by Ann Cvetkovich
Designated Target by Laura Baumbach (MLR Press)
Desire: Tales of New Orleans by William Sterling Walker (Chelsea Station Editions)
Dialectic of the Flesh by Roz Kaveney
Doing Time by Jeff Breddy
Door Shaker And Other Stories by Nann Dunne
Double Time: Sinners On Tour (The Sinners on Tour) by Olivia Cunning
Dragon's Lair by JB McDonald (Torquere Books)
Duty and Desire: Military Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright
Earth Boys are Easy by Tam Ames (Torquere Books)
Enter the Dragon (The Bestiary) by Jamie Sullivan (Less Than Three Press)
Erotica Volume 1 by K'Anne Meinel
Faith, Love and Devotion: Cherish by Tere Michaels (Loose ID)
Fall Into You by Posy Roberts (Dreamspinner Press)
Falling Into Place by Tia Fielding (Dreamspinner Press)
Fan-Tastic by Stephani Hecht (Total-e-Bound)
Feeling the Rhythm by S.J. Frost (MLR Press)
Fire Tango by Hayley B. James (Dreamspinner Press)
Fireborn (The Bestiary) by Talya Andor (Less Than Three Press)
Florida Heat (Book 1 In The Candian-American Series) by D. J. Manly (Amber Allure)
Followed by Megan Slayer (Changeling Press)
Forever by Tinnean (Dreamspinner Press)
Forever Tangled: A collection of poems and stories from the heart and between the thighs. (Volume 1) by Monique Being True Thomas
French Sahib by Pierre Freha
From the Depths by Lily Sawyer (Silver Publishing)
From This Day by J.R. Patrick & Jambrea Jo Jones (Dreamspinner Press)
Full Disclosure on Black Friday (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck) by Jackie Nacht (eXtasy Books)
Full Frontal: To Make a Long Story Short by Tom Baker
Gender, Literacy, and Empowerment in Morocco (Middle East Studies: History, Politics & Law) by Fatima Agnaou
Germanic by K'Anne Meinel
Giving Perrin Life (Kontra's Menagerie) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
Gleams of a Remoter World by Fiona Glass (Riptide Publishing)
Going to the Chapel: The Stardust Diaries June to December 2006 (Volume 3) by Tarn Swan
Griff And Ash by D. J. Manly (Amber Allure)
Gustav's Gargoyle Adventures (Wolves of Stone Ridge) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
Halloween Trick (Halloween Rentboys) by Julia Alaric (Less Than Three Press)
Hanson And Graber: The Price Of Magic by Deirdre O'Dare (Amber Allure)
Heart Block by Melissa Brayden
Hellebore & Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic by Lisa Morton, Juliet Kemp, Steve Berman and Jean Marie Ward (Lethe Press)
Here Be Dragons by T.A. Chase (MLR Press)
His Dirty Little Secret by Stormy Glenn
His Own Devices by Jessica Freely (Loose ID)
His Salvation by J.R. Loveless (Dreamspinner Press)
Hold Still (The Bestiary) by Megan Derr (Less Than Three Press)
Homo Action Love Story!: A tall tale by Ben Monopoli
Homoerotic Sensibilities in Late Imperial China (Routledge/Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) East Asian Series) by Wu Cuncun and Chris Berry
Hunter's Closet: "Love Should Never Hurt." (Volume 1) by Cass MacAdams
Hurt Me Good by H.C. Brown (Dreamspinner Press)
I Am Here by Evelyn Shepherd (Loose ID)
I Am Rich; Yet Still Poor: The Numinous One (Volume 4) by Kerry Lynn Cochran
I, Omega and Collected Shorts (Volume 1) by Kari Gregg
Ice Heart by Fawn Routson
If Love Were All by Victor J. Banis (MLR Press)
Inertia: Impulse, Book One (Volume 1) by Amelia C. Gormley
Island of Temptation by Claire Thompson
It Takes a Village by CR Guiliano (Silver Publishing)
It's a secret by James Orr
Jaded by Caroline Olsen and Lanny Suhandy
Jordan Holiday by James Orr
Justin Fashanu - The Biography by Jim Read
Keeping Score: Two Down, Number in Series: 2, by Julia Talbot (Changeling Press)
Keeping Zane (Solomon's Pride) by Dawn H. Hawkes (Silver Publishing)
Kingsley & I Reloaded by Gary Martine
Kitty Kat Letters by Tina L. Cates
Knitter in His Natural Habitat by Amy Lane (Dreamspinner Press)
Knives and Feathers by Sage Marlowe
Lace by Jaime Samms (Total-e-Bound)
Lancelot's Burden - The Knights Of Camelot Book 5 by Sarah Luddington
Last Stop USA by Johnny Miles (MLR Press)
Lavender Love by A.J. Estes
Laying in Wait (Halloween Rentboys) by Terry Milien (Less Than Three Press)
Learning to Love: Michael & Sean by K.C. Wells (Dreamspinner Press)
Lessons for Lewis (Larson Brothers) by Amber Kell (Silver Publishing)
Let the Dandelions Grow: A Poetic Portrait of a Transsexual Journey and the Human Condition by Lee Ann P. Etscovitz Ed.D.
Levade by Evey Brett (Loose ID)
Liam (The Atherton Pack) by Toni Griffin (Silver Publishing)
Licking the Spoon: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity by Candace Walsh
Lies & Seduction by Allison Cassatta (Dreamspinner Press)
Life-Changing Letters by Brianna Pritchard
Lily of the Wastelands by Gabriel Belthir (Storm Moon Press)
Living Life to Death by Phyl Anderson
Long Distance Romance by K'Anne Meinel
Longing (Orgasmic Texas Dawn) by DJ Manly and A.J. Llewellyn (Silver Publishing)
Lost Pages of Both Sides of the Fence Vol 1.(Prequel To Both Sides of the Fence (Volume 1) by M.T. Pope
Love and Hate by TN Tarrant (Silver Publishing)
Love Brokers: Mr. Romance by L.C. Chase (Loose ID)
Love in the Dark Zone (Halloween Rentboys) by Diana Sheridan (Less Than Three Press)
Love Loss Revenge by Graysen Morgen
Love Tokens (Halloween Rentboys) by Megan Derr (Less Than Three Press)
Love's Spell by Q. Kelly
Made in 1985: Poems of a Cult Reject (Volume 1) by Liv Kelly
Makara: A Novel by Kristen Ringman
Make Mine to Go by Dilo Keith (Breathless Press)
Malachi's Word by Lissa Matthews (Samhain Publishing)
Malice Masterpieces by K'Anne Meinel
Mark of the Gladiator by Violetta Vane and Heidi Belleau (Riptide Publishing)
Mayon by Mickie B. Ashling (Dreamspinner Press)
melody of solace by Neil Edwards and Paul Osborn
Memory In Shadow (Sequel to Illusion of Night) by C.J. Black (Liquid Silver Books)
Miami Sizzle by Sara York (Total-e-Bound)
Mina Borsalina Flips Out by Sara Marx
Mixed Up by Neil Plakcy (MLR Press)
My Journey Through The Gay Culture: A Memoir by Ray Malik
Mystical Convergency by Katherine Halle (Torquere Books)
Nemesis by Mel Spenser (Torquere Books)
Nevada by Imogen Binnie
NEW YORK / SIENA: Two Short Novels by Steven Key Meyers
No Church in the Wild: A Hypomnema of Hypersexuality by Bacchus Paine
Noble, Nevada by Erin O'Quinn (Amber Allure)
Number One Pick by Heidi Champa (Amber Allure)
O Come All Ye Kinky by Sarah Frantz (Riptide Publishing)
Odd Man Out by Claire Thompson
On a Wednesday in September by Stephan Niederwieser
Once Upon a King by Jambrea Jones (MLR Press)
Oubliette by Giselle Renarde (Torquere Books)
Out to Protect by Amber Skyze (Loose ID)
Package Deal by Guy Lamar
Papa's Boy by Sue Brown (Dreamspinner Press)
Parker by Stephanie Macneil
Patrick's Plight (Imperfect Porn) by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson
PINS: the Stage Adaptation by Jim Provenzano
Pit Road (Running Under Caution) by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox (Samhain Publishing)
Play Dead by Julia Talbot (Torquere Books)
Playing With Fuego by KG MacGregor
Pleading the fifth by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Poppy's Pleasure (Assassin's Pride) by Stormy Glenn (Silver Publishing)
Price of Passion (Halloween Rentboys) by Cassandra Pierce (Less Than Three Press)
Pride and Joy by M. L. Rice
Protect and Serve: Speed Demon, Number in Series: 18, by Cynthia Sax (Changeling Press)
Pushing The Envelope by Kim Dare
Rainbow Crush by Joshua Skye (JMS Books)
RAINBOW SHORTS: An Anthology of Gay Erotica by Duncan More
Rainy Days by Victoria Zagar and Isadora Legata
Reflash (Volume 10) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Rentboy by Fyn Alexander (Loose ID)
Re-Submission by Sage Marlowe (Total-e-Bound)
Revelation by Nicole Dennis (Silver Publishing)
Reverence (Volume 6) by Bailey Bradford
Rocky Mountain Christmas by Michael Barnette (Silver Publishing)
Rough Seas by Joseph Richards (JMS Books)
Run, Clarissa, Run by Rachel Eliason
Scarlet Blade by Jez Morrow (Torquere Books)
Scourge by Etienne (Dreamspinner Press)
Sea Change by Ken Anderson
Seizing the Means of Reproduction: Entanglements of Feminism, Health, and Technoscience (Experimental Futures) by Michelle Murphy
Sex and Candy by A.J. Llewellyn (Total-e-Bound)
Sex in Transition: Remaking Gender & Race in South Africa by Amanda Lock Swarr
Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories by Neil Plakcy
Shades of Gay by Steven Kerry
Shy by John Inman (Dreamspinner Press)
Skylar's Salvation by Nicole Dennis (Silver Publishing)
Slices of Life by Georgia Beers
Slow Dance (Orgasmic Texas Dawn) by D.J. Manly and A.J. Llewellyn (Silver Publishing)
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by Charlotte Jennings (Torquere Books)
Songs of the Earth (Sumeria's Sons) by Lexi Ander (Silver Publishing)
Sound of Distant Oceans by Edward T. Keller
Sounding Like a No-No: Queer Sounds and Eccentric Acts in the Post-Soul Era by Francesca T. Royster
Stay with Me by Evelyn Shepherd (Loose ID)
Stranger in Translation by Charles Raines
Strangers on a Train: A Queer Film Classic (Queer Film Classics) by Jonathan Goldberg
Succulents by Chris Owen (Torquere Books)
Sullivan by Bailey Bradford (Total-e-Bound)
Sweet Dreams by Willa Okati (Changeling Press)
Taming the Wolff by Del Robertson
That One Thing: Alex and Jared, the College Years (The Making of the Man) by Diane Adams (Silver Publishing)
The Actor and the Earl by Rebecca Cohen (Dreamspinner Press)
The Aloysius Tales 2: Brush with Catastrophe by Tara Lain (Loose ID)
The Baron's Gargoyle (The Bestiary) by Cassandra Pierce (Less Than Three Press)
The Bestiary, Volume One by E E Ottoman (Less Than Three Press)
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall by Tam Ames (Torquere Books)
The Blue Ticket by Gabriel Garçonnière
The Boomerang Kid: A Novel by Jay Quinn
The Boys and the Bees by Mari Donne (Dreamspinner Press)
The Brig: The Gay BDSM Classic by Mason Powell
The Broken Road by Anna Lee (Silver Publishing)
The City War by Sam Starbuck (Riptide Publishing)
The Courtesan (Halloween Rentboys) by Isabella Carter (Less Than Three Press)
The Discreet Lesbian: Mandy BooK 1: (Includes Episodes 1-4) (Volume 1) by Mackenzie Stone
The Dog in the Mist (The Bestiary) by Sylvia A. Winters (Less Than Three Press)
The Fitzwarren Inheritance: A Trilogy from a Trio by Chris Quinton, RJ Scott and Sue Brown (Silver Publishing)
The Grigori by Joshua Skye (Lethe Press)
The Hawk and the Rabbit (The Bestiary) by Elizah J. Davis (Less Than Three Press)
The Heat (Virtus) by Laura Tolomei (eXtasy Books)
The Hero's Journey of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon by Carol Lynn Pearson, Connie Disney and none
The Hunt of the Cold Moon (The Bestiary) by Beth Wirth (Less Than Three Press)
The Jack and Danny Chronicles by Cat
The Jack O'Lantern's Grin (Halloween Rentboys) by Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
The Jesus Injection (Buck 98) by Eric Andrews-Katz
The Kraken Lord and the Eater of the Sun (The Bestiary) by E.E. Ottoman (Less Than Three Press)
The Left Hand of Calvus by L.A. Witt (Riptide Publishing)
The Lonely Heart by K.M. Mahoney
The Mercy of Gulls by Tray Ellis (Torquere Books)
The Muse: a novel of romance and discovery by Suzie Carr
The Nothingness of Ben by Brad Boney (Dreamspinner Press)
The Odds Maker (Wayne County Wolves) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
The One Who Saves Me by Cardeno C. (Dreamspinner Press)
The Other Guy by Cary Attwell
The Paris Syndrome by John Roman Baker
The Path Not Chosen by Q.C. Masters
The Perverted Puppy Gay Erotica: Collection #1 by Mr Antonio Barrone
The Phoenix Knight (The Bestiary) by Isabella Carter (Less Than Three Press)
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
The Portrait by L.M. Somerton (Total-e-Bound)
The Primitive State (Wolf's Endowment) by Destiny Blaine (eXtasy Books)
The Reorder of Things: The University and Its Pedagogies of Minority Difference (Difference Incorporated) by Roderick A. Ferguson
The Rosary and the Badge by Jerry Sacher
The Rotten Game by Pepper Espinoza (Amber Allure)
The Rule of Sebastian by Shelter Somerset (Dreamspinner Press)
The Shattered Gates: The Rifter Book One by Ginn Hale
The Solstice Gift by Cari Z (Total-e-Bound)
The Sound of Salvation (Volume 4) by Trina Lane
The Staff of Kyade (The Bestiary) by James L. Craig (Less Than Three Press)
The Stardust Diaries 2007 (Volume 4) by Tarn Swan
The Summer We Got Free by Mia McKenzie
The Thirteenth Halloween by Kallysten Kallysten (Torquere Books)
The Thomas Coleman Full Nelson by Jardonn Smith (MLR Press)
Three's Company by N.R. Walker (Silver Publishing)
Tiger Fork by Saloni Quinby (Changeling Press)
Timothy by Greg Herren
To Bi or Not to Bi by Marc Jarrod (eXtasy Books)
To Love a Shooting Star by K'Anne Meinel
To Love a Woman Or Butterflies, Butterfl by Fire
Too Many Chances by Lavinia Lewis
Torn In Two by S.L. Armstrong (Storm Moon Press)
Travelers 4: Ganymede Tilt by Becky Black (Loose ID)
Trick of Dreams (Halloween Rentboys) by K-lee Klein (Less Than Three Press)
Tristan by K. M. Mahoney
Truest Mage (The Bestiary) by May Ridge (Less Than Three Press)
Turtle Season by Miriam Ruth Black
Two for One by T.A. Chase (Total-e-Bound)
Under the Bridge by Geoffrey Knight (Storm Moon Press)
Underdogs by Geonn Cannon
Waking The Prince by Shawn Lane (Amber Allure)
Weathering 1: Downpour by Bella Leone (Loose ID)
What About Him by E E Montgomery (Dreamspinner Press)
What Comes Around by Jameson Currier (Chelsea Station Editions)
Wild Rose, Silent Snow by Angel Martinez (Amber Allure)
Willow by Lee Brazil (Breathless Press)
Winter Heat: Erotic Stories to Warm Your Life by CR Guiliano
Wishes by J.C. Owens
With a Touch (Halloween Rentboys) by Sasha L. Miller (Less Than Three Press)
Women's Suffrage in Asia: Gender, Nationalism and Democracy (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia) by Louise Edwards and Mina Roces
Wyatt: Doc Holliday's Account of an Intimate Friendship by Dale Chase
You Can't Change the Past (Phoenix Rising) by Edward Kendrick (Silver Publishing)
You Thnk You Know Someone by Glyn Soitino (Torquere Books)
Your Early Stuff by Mel Skubich

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