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Tighter, tighter by Lynn Kear

This novel was at the same time complex and unexpected. I was totally prepared to read a romance between a young defense attorney, Meredith Walker, and the older rock star Kath Branch; I was expecting a mystery, but truth be told, I was pretty sure Kath Branch was not the murderer. Well, most of my assumption were wrong.

It’s complicated to explain this novel, without giving out the story; enough to say that the romance is not between Kath and Meredith (indeed there is a huge age difference between them), but nevertheless, for who is searching interesting and realistic lesbian characters, Tighter, Tigher has more than one. I really appreciated for example, Lori, Kath’s current partner, their relationship is not easy, and maybe they don’t have any chance to make it last, but nevertheless, the author didn’t write Lori as the villain; and now, I don’t think I will ruin much of the surprise, since it basically is said in the first pages, but Kath’s love interest in St. James, Illinois, is not Meredith, but her mother Ellen, the same Ellen Kath was in love as a teenager, and maybe the reason why she decides to come back almost 35 years later.

There is indeed a mystery, and many ties link Kath to Billy, the victim. But this is also a small town, and it seems that everyone knows everyone else. Billy was Bill’s father, Bill is Meredith’s husband, Meredith is Ellen’s daughter, Ellen is Kath’s lover… plus we have Molly, Kath’s friend of the time, Rhonda, Billy’s wife, and Rob, Meredith’s father. Some of them are directly connected to the victim, some were friends or customers, everyone knows something, and no one is talking, or at least no one is really telling the truth, that as much Meredith is understanding. The problem is that, more she is coming near the truth, and more she is coming close to destroy her own family.

So yes, there are two plots, one is the mystery/thriller novel, involving Meredith, her life and career, what is more important? What will she choose?, and one is the romance story, the one between Kath and Ellen in the past, and Kath and Lori in the present, again, what is more important? Who will she choose?

Amazon: Tighter, Tighter
Amazon Kindle: Tighter, Tighter
Paperback: 310 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 17, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1468089412
ISBN-13: 978-1468089417

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