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Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One by Cecilia Tan

I don’t think I’m doing any wrong to the novel saying that indeed this is a Volume One of a chronicle that needs to be read in its totality; in volume one we barely have the chance to know Daron, and he is still in his formative years, experimenting with life, and that means also with sexuality.

Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, Daron is gay; in less than a year, he will have three different partners, all of them men, plus a not so hidden interest in a fourth one. It’s only that we are in 1986 and being gay is still a stigma, especially in the music rock world Daron is trying to enter. Another point that is important to highlight is that this is the 1986, just one years before AIDS became the plague we all know. And unfortunately, Daron is only worried about being gay for what it means to his career, not to his life: Daron is having unprotected sex with many partners, something that will become very dangerous very soon and very dramatically.

Something that is probably important to say is that this is not an erotic romance; Daron is having sex, but most of the time the reader is not invited inside the bedroom, we only know that something happened.

This installment reads smoothly and quickly, and it entices you to go and buy the next volume in the chronicles.

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