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Spring Reassurance by Andrew Grey

Sequel to Winter Love, it’s actually more like the second part of the same story. I read Winter Love long ago, I think it was probably the second story I read by Andrew Grey, and always in the same Satyr series. What I remember of that story, and that I have found again in this next novella, is that Blayne’s character, the non-satyr, is in a way more primal than Roeder, the satyr. I will try to explain this feeling, Roeder is like a doe, he is sweet and kind, almost skittish; he is able of great love, but he is scared to let himself get attached, since he knows he is not able to live in a modern society, and his lifestyle is very basic and isolated. Blayne instead is more straightforward, direct and passionate; he is the one taking the very important decisions, maybe sometime overwhelming Roeder. True, he is doing it out of love, and so, most of the time, only good things came out from his actions, but nevertheless, maybe he should pay more attention to the sensitive Roeder.

Nice, sweet novella, warm feelings and sweet love.


Amazon Kindle: Spring Reassurance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; first edition (April 2, 2009)

Series: Satyr
1) Children of Bacchus: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/375365.html
1.5) Love in War
2) Thursday's Child
3) Child of Joy
4) My First Bacchanal
5) Small Kindness
6) Winter Love: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/447445.html
6.5) Spring Reassurance

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

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Tags: author: andrew grey, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: elves

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