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Desmond by Ulysses Grant Dietz

Originally released in 2000, Desmond is the prototype of many vampire Gay Romances of today; probably written in the wake of successful Anne Rice’s vampire novels, Desmond tried for a less gothic and more romantic approach. Plus it did introduced some original elements, if considering it was written more than 10 years ago.

For example, Desmond, a 250 years old vampire, is not bonded to live only by night, and he actually doesn’t eat anything, but he can drink wine and other beverages. Plus he lives in cycle of 44 years, born again at 21 years old and aging until he is 65 years old. That is quite convenient to explain how he has lived so long without anyone suspecting.

When I started this novel, I was quite impressed by the level of details the author used in describing the townhouse where Desmond has lived since 1820, in the Bowery district of New York City. I did a quick search and discovered that aside from this novel, and its sequel, A Vampire in Suburbia, Ulysses Grant Dietz has written non fictional books in the antique design field. The same background he decided to give to Tony, Desmond’s lover.

That of Desmond and Tony is a classic cinderfella love story: Desmond, 45 years old and wealthy, meets 24 years old Tony, a graduate student who is having a bad time; Tony is hustling, or at least he is trying to, but when he meets Desmond, all his courage left him. Desmond will help Tony, settling him in a nice apartment, finding him a job, and loving him. Exactly like he did for the stray cat he picked up the previous time he was alone wandering the street. That is, Desmond cared for Tony, but I had the feeling he didn’t really love him with all his own, and that is the only point that makes this a good vampire novel, but not a full 100% romance one.

I’m quite curious to see how the author picked up again his characters today for the sequel, and if Desmond will finally have a true and complete romance this time, lasting a life… or maybe more lives.

Amazon: Desmond: A Novel About Love and the Modern Vampire
Amazon Kindle: Desmond: A Novel About Love and the Modern Vampire
Paperback: 344 pages
Publisher: Alyson Books; 1st edition (July 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1555834701
ISBN-13: 978-1555834708

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

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