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Jeremiah Sullivan (September 22, 1935 - December 12, 1993)

Jeremiah Sullivan (September 22, 1935 in New York City, New York - December 12, 1993 in Hollywood, California) was an actor and astrologer. He had recurring roles in TV's All My Children, Knots Landing, and Another World.

Jeremiah Sullivan, a theater and television actor and a professional astrologer, died on December 12, 1993, at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. He was 58 and lived in New York City.

The cause was AIDS, said a friend, Joe Regan.

Mr. Sullivan received the Clarence Derwent Award in 1970 for his portrayal of a gravedigger in "A Scent of Flowers" at the Martinique Theater. At the Public Theater he was in the original cast of "The House of Blue Leaves" and "The Master and Margarita."

He made his Broadway debut in the 1957 play "Compulsion," and later performed in the 1979 Broadway musical "The Grand Tour." He was standby for Ian McKellen in the part of Salieri in the original 1980 Broadway production of "Amadeus" and played the part for several performances.

A graduate of Harvard University, Mr. Sullivan also acted in productions at the Virginia Museum Theater, the Great Lakes Theater Festival, the Buffalo Studio Arena Theater and the Alliance Theater in Atlanta.

Among Mr. Sullivan's film roles was the part of a President of the United States in the 1982 movie "The Soldier." Mr. Sullivan also played Alexander Hamilton in "The Adams Chronicles" on public television, and had recurring roles in the "Knots Landing," "Guiding Light," "All My Children," "Another World" and "General Hospital" television series.

He was also an astrologer who had an international clientele.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/1993/12/15/obituaries/jeremiah-sullivan-58-actor-and-astrologer.html

Further Readings:

The C.A.M.P. Guide to Astrology by Victor J. Banis
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ISBN-10: 1434445305
ISBN-13: 978-1434445308
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That Man from C.A.M.P., Jackie Holmes, says: "If there's one subject almost certain to break the ice, and sometimes even bring things to a boiling point, it's the subject of Astrology. I touched upon it ever so briefly in Sex and the Single Gay, and was nearly deluged by remarks about my remarks. At this point I'm probably expected to make a ringing defense of the star system, or admit that it's all a put-on. Sorry, but I'm just not going to do either. The fact is, Astrology can be useful and awesomely accurate, but if taken in the wrong light, it can be a sheer farce. The stars impel, they don't compel. In other words, they nudge you into certain channels, but they don't force you." This witty guide to gay astrology, a book which had become a high-priced and highly-prized collector's edition, is now available for the first time in over four decades!

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