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Stranger Places by Willa Okati

Stranger Places by Willa Okati is a short tale who present the two characters of In the Strangest Places.

I love Rack and Daniel, they are a wonderful couple. Rack is all energy, like an oversize puppy who want to try everything in his life. Dan is a great bear, strong outside but tender inside. Both are very romantic, but Dan is romantic in an old way, like flowers and chocolate, Rack is modern, like tattoo and piercing.

In this short story we see the two who want to take a weekend out from the city... what will happen? Rack, Dan, a motorcycle and the moon... very enjoyable...

But Willa... I want to read about the tatto tour; I want to see how Rack will react when Dan will has to show is new special tattoo to the crow... I'm a "bad" girl, you know, I will snigger...


0) In the Strangest Places
0.5) Stranger Places

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Tags: author: willa okati, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review

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