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P&E Annual Readers Poll News

I completely forgot the P&E Annual Readers Poll opens in December, I was thinking it was more January... in any case, for the past 3 years I arrived in the top 10 positions, so I thought it was worth a chance this year too ;-) This is the news from the website:

Announcing the 2012 Preditors & Editors Annual Readers Poll!

Howdy, your P&E Poll Votemaster here, Andrew Burt. Since you're a voter in a prior year's P&E Readers Poll, I just wanted to let you know this year's poll is underway! It's at


as usual.

We've added Steampunk categories this year, both Novel and Short Story. That's in addition to our over 30 other categories honoring all genres and all aspects of writing and publishing.

As in past years, every voter is registered in a drawing for gifts from our sponsors.

So please come share with us what great works you've read this year, what authors, publishers, editors, artists and the like you feel are worth recognition!

With best wishes for the holidays,

--Andrew Burt, P&E Readers Poll Votemaster

and my LJ, Elisa - My Reviews and Ramblings is under the poll for Review Site Pages: http://critters.org/predpoll/reviewsite.shtml

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